Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I Am A Leafpeeper

So Ron has rubbed off on me a bit. I'm starting to investigate places to visit for a long weekend in late October. I love trips to New England in the fall. The baby will be nearly 3 months by then and I think it would be fun to take him or her out in the Baby Bjorn to see the leaves change.

I'm torn on location though. I had the same problem last year. Since we won't be able to go until late October, I think a lot of places would be ruled out as "past peak". I'd love to go up to Maine, but it's about a 10 hour drive. While most of the state would be past peak, the southern shoreline usually has leaves at their peak in late October. Not that they ever know for sure when leaves will peak any given year.

Another possibility is Cape Cod. I was there years ago, just for a day en route to Vermont, but it was beautiful. Of course I think that was mid-October and not late October.

We could go back to Mystic or Newport, where we went last year. Because as much as I worried about it, they weren't even close to being in peak season in mid-October last year.

But I was also thinking of the Lenox/Great Barrington/Berkshire region of Massachusetts. Or maybe Cooperstown, NY, which is near the Catskill Mountains. Or Manchester, VT. Or North Conway, NH which has a very cool train.

I'm willing to take suggestions....



So this past weekend, as a break from all my unpacking, Deidre and I headed for manicures and pedicures. We tried out a new place and although the interior wasn't as nice as the place I used to go to in Rittenhouse, the staff was friendly and they did extra massaging. Which I enjoy.

Then we headed to La Scala's for a late lunch. I had been there once before and had the tortellini with prosciutto and peas in an alfredo sauce. It was wonderful. This time, Deidre and I opted to split a salad and pizza. We started with the arugula salad, but substituted provolone cheese for the gorgonzola cheese. I'm so not a fan of gorgonzola. Anyway, I LOVED the salad. The sun-dried tomatoes and the grilled eggplant were perfect with the arugala. We tried roasted peppers and ricotta cheese on our pizza. The pizza was definitely oily, but overall, it was fine. Not the greatest pizza I've ever had, not the worst. Next time I'd probably opt for a pasta dish instead.

Sunday morning, Ron and I made it to Sabrina's for breakfast. I had fresh OJ, Ron had coffee and we each ordered one of the specials. Mine was a raspberry-vanilla-lemon stuffed french toast with a pineapple berry sauce. It was HUGE and overall very good. But I didn't taste any pineapple in the sauce, or any vanilla in the toast for that matter. I think all the berries overpowered other flavors. Ron had the eggs benedict. They were okay, but they balance the ham on top of the egg, which just sort of makes it a pain to eat. Ron said the taste was fine, but definitely nothing to write home about. Plus, all said, with tip, it wound up being a $40 brunch and I've had better $40 brunches.

Yesterday I grabbed a sandwich at Au Bon Pain at 10th and Chestnut. It's the same as virtually every other Au Bon Pain I'm sure, except it's brand-new and totally chaotic. Like, seriously, there seem to be an insane number of people working there and yet orders are lost or wrong. I hope they get their act together. I only ever get the caprese sandwich at Au Bon Pain, and I was kind of hoping that post-delivery, Ron will be able to run down and get me one.


Monday, July 30, 2007


I must have had a labotomy this weekend, because I for some reason, allowed my husband to buy a 42" plasma TV. Forty-two inches isn't even large by plasma standards.

What can I say? He guy's been working his butt off lately, and I like making him happy.



So I was behind a woman in line at Wawa this morning and noticed that she had the word "Coolie" tatooed on her back.

When do you think she realized that was an unfortunate choice for permanent ink?


Song of the Day

Because it's stuck in my head is "Almost Lover" by A Fine Frenzy.


Friday, July 27, 2007

I Am a Victim of My Own Stupidity

About a week ago, Ron and I filled out a Residential Parking Permit application. We already have a parking spot for our apartment, but the permit only costs $35 for the year, so we figured we'd get one anyway. Ron asked me to fill out the application, which I did and he had gotten copies of his license, our vehicle registration and everything else we needed. He put all the items in the envelope, with the application, and mailed it off.

Then we realized we never included the check for $35. Ron tried to make that out to be my fault, since the check was mentioned as part of the application, and I had been the one filling out the application. But I argued that since he's the one who sealed the envelope, it was up to him to make sure everything we needed was in there.

Regardless, late in the afternoon today, I decide that I'll go to the Parking Authority and get the permit, because if you apply in person, you get a permit the same day. I thought carefully about this decision: I had the day off from work, but I was supposed to be resting. The Parking Authority offices are about 26 blocks from my apartment and these days going anywhere involves me thinking out what would happen if I went into labor at said location. I figured I'd go late in the day, when it was less likely to be crowded, and I'd take a cab. I could do this. What was the worst that could happen? That my water breaks in some smelly cab? It probably wouldn't be the worst thing that's happened to that cab. Besides I know it will make Ron very happy to get home from work and find that the permit is taken care of. I'm not much help to him these days, but at least this I can handle.

So I gather everything I need. Double check my documents. Bring a copy of my lease in case my change of address card isn't enough. Get out onto the sidewalk and realize I forgot my checkbook. Go back inside and get the checkbook. Hail cab and find the Parking Authority. Am very pleased to see there's no line. Nice lady gets the permit application for me and asks for my driver's license and vehicle registration. My vehicle registration. The one that's in the car. The car the Ron has in NJ.

I walk out with a blank application, which is exactly how far in the process I was a week ago when we mailed off an application with no check.

Someone shoot me.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Weekend Can't Come Fast Enough

So I may speed things up by taking the day off tomorrow. Good idea, no?

I can use tomorrow to get lots of little homeless items around the apartment put away. We're so close to having the apartment look normal--right now it just looks like very sloppy people live there who don't put things away. And tomorrow night, I believe, is the night we head back to Ikea for a dining table. And to Target for additional bathroom storage.

On Saturday afternoon, Deidre and I are going for manicures and pedicures. She's taking pity on me because I know she'd rather have her eyes gouged out with a fork than sit through girly stuff. I'll need to prep for this excursion by spending the entire morning with my feet up. Because right now? The swelling, it's out of control. My feet and ankles look like they've been replaced by water balloons.

Then either Saturday or Sunday morning, I plan on taking Ron to Sabrina's for brunch. We've never been there before and I'd kinda like to try it sans screaming infant.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

But I Was Going to Break Up With All My Friends

So I was reading an online article about 5 friends that every new mom needs and at the end was this little gem:

Why You Need at Least One Childless Friend

Of course you love your mom buddies, but it's still a good idea to hang onto the pals you had before kids or to make some new ones whose lives don't revolve around the playground and naptime. Here's why:

Childless pals link you to your former life. They bring out interests and passions that may have been dormant for a while; you get so used to thinking of yourself as a mom, you forget that you are also an artist, book lover, and runner.

You need a break from 24-7 kid thinking. It's easy to get so caught up in your baby's world that you don't take time for anything else. Some dishing on adult life (even if it's only Brad and Angelina gossip) can be a wonderful mental break from diaper duty and potty training.

They offer perspective. Listening to your friend discuss the trials and tribulations of the dating scene (the grass isn't always greener) may make you appreciate your life a bit more.

They admire your baby without giving advice. Childless friends tend to lavish attention on your little one without feeling the need to offer theories on sleep or feeding. Plus, it's just plain fun to watch them enjoy each other.

I love that it starts with "It's still a good idea to hang onto the pals before you had kids." Really? Because I was planning on getting rid of all of my current friends.


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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On Being Pregnant, Part 2

Yesterday, I had an ultrasound, because one of my doctors was a little concerned about growth, because my abdomen has been measuring small. With the whole CF factor, she wanted to take every precaution/measurement/test available. Turns out the little peanut is measuring just fine and weighs 7lbs 9 oz. In case you're in on our baby pool, which includes guessing the weight, I'm not really giving anything away, as the ultrasound can be off by as much as a pound in either direction. Anyway, the ultrasound wasn't as fun as previous ones, because the more fat on the baby, the harder it is to see the images. So...really, you can't tell it's a baby anymore.

Today I have my weekly doctor's appointment, along with my weekly non-stress test--another precaution because of the CF factor. All these appointments are starting to get on my nerves.

I thought of a couple of other things I've learned:

11. Don't totally "give up" once you're pregnant. Being pregnant is not an excuse to stop wearing makeup or for wearing sweats out in public regularly. Do not run out and buy a minivan the second you get a positive test result.

12. If you see someone who's pregnant, do not ask "Are you having a boy or a girl?" and then act like the person must be retarded when the answer is "I don't know."

13. If you're pregnant, consider not being a total control freak and opt not to find out the gender of your baby. Sorry, that was judgemental of me. But seriously, as much as I want to know, not knowing is incredibly fun. Yes, it makes picking out bedding and outfits harder. But you have the rest of their lives to know their gender and only 9 months of it being the greatest surprise of your life.

14. If you do find out the gender, for God's sake, don't start referring to him or her by name before he or she is born. That's just fucking weird.

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Oh Lindsay

What a hot mess you are, sweetie.


So my husband was stuck with a needle yesterday. Just an occupational hazard, but it sucks just the same. No word on the patient's HIV or hepatitis status yet.


Monday, July 23, 2007


We made significant unpacking progress over the weekend. We just dedicated hours upon hours to only that task. The baby's room is now clear of all un-baby related items and, while there's still a lot to do, you can actually see the floor of most of the rest of the apartment. Which is a huge improvement.

We're also apparently competing with my friends about who can have more Ikea furniture. We got a Billy bookcase in black-brown with the attached doors, to use for extra kitchen storage. Ron's job is to put that together tonight and then hopefully all the extra kitchen appliances and dishtowels will have a home. Later this week, I told Ron we're getting this table. He's not thrilled about it, but I'd really like a regular table for guests to be able to sit at. We've already got some funky red chairs that we'll pair with it until we figure out what chairs we really want. I really wanted a table that's expandable, which sadly, the table that matches our sideboard is not. So not only is all our furniture from Ikea, but it's also a hogposh of styles.


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Friday, July 20, 2007

On Being Pregnant

I am tired.

I'm not as tired as I thought I would be by now, but waking up 5 times a night does take its toll. That I don't even get to bed until after midnight most nights, what with the unpacking and the Ikea runs, doesn't help.

Tomorrow I will be 38 weeks pregnant, which is full term. Technically, I still have two weeks to go, but really, it could be any time now. I haven't given this much real thought, as I've been distracted by the move. I don't know if this distraction is a good thing. On one hand, I'm not obsessing and freaking out about the thought of labor. On the other hand, I probably haven't mentally prepared myself for this at all. I still haven't really packed a hospital bag.

Being pregnant is totally different than I thought it would be. I expected a horrible pregnancy, one where I was sick and fatigued all the time. My mother was sick every day for nine months and I thought I'd be the same way. And because I never had the uncontrollable desire to procreate that so many women seem to be programmed with, I expected that I would resent being tired, fat and miserable.

With the exception of the CF thing, which really has nothing to do with pregnancy, I have been incredibly lucky. Being pregnant has...basically not affected me. Sure, the last few weeks have been somewhat uncomfortable, but generally speaking, the last nine months have passed with little effect. I can't say I've really basking in the joys of pregnancy. But I haven't minded it. In fact, it's been kind of nice. Like I have a little buddy that I carry around with me wherever I go. And the best thing about that buddy is that he/she doesn't cry, eat or poop yet.

I expect that labor will be some long, torturous experience, but who knows? My body might surprise me again. Certainly, no one has been more surprised than me that I seem to be suited to pregnancy.

A couple of things I've learned:

1. Maternity clothes. If you wouldn't wear it before you were pregnant, don't make yourself wear it now. I mean, you will have to succumb to the elastic waistband, the unlined pant and flowing shirts. But if you didn't wear pastel floral patterns with little bows all over before you were pregnant, don't do it now. Don't feel like you have to run out and stock up on maternity shirts as soon as you get a positive test result. Look around the stores you already shop in. Chances are, they have some empire waist tops and more generously cut shirts that will fit well into your second trimester. I found lots of non-maternity options at Banana Republic, Ann Taylor Loft and Macy's--some of which I still am wearing now. Also, even if you didn't do it before, there's nothing wrong with shopping at Target. In fact, just about all my real maternity clothes came from Target, Gap and Motherhood. There's no point in spending a fortune on maternity clothes, because the quality of your Diane von Furstenberg pants will be the same as the ones you get at Target.

2. Don't feel like you have to change your lifestyle just because you're pregnant. Of course, if your pregnancy is high-risk, you may have to take some extra precautions, but for the rest of you, just keep living your life. If you exercise, keep exercising. Listen to your body instead of listening to what they tell you not to do in the books. Don't push yourself too hard, but don't assume you can't do as much just because you're pregnant. Continue to go out with your friends. Go out for happy hour.

3. Speaking of the books, go ahead and read them. Then decide which parts seem to work for you. Don't take everything they tell you as gospel. Don't let the books make you paranoid.

4. Avoid pregnancy message boards.

5. If you aren't someone who enjoys having people touch your stomach, don't make your pregnancy the feature topic of every conversation. The more you talk about it, the more interest people will show, and the more likely they are to touch you. I've only had 2 people touch my stomach in the last nine months and fortunately for them, they happen to be two people I like. If you are some sort of freak who enjoys people touching you, don't insist that they touch your stomach. Freak.

6. Speaking of talking about it, for God's sake, don't tell the whole world as soon as you get a double pink line on a stick. In the last couple of months I've had two women tell me they were pregnant, only to have to later tell me that they weren't. Miscarriages happen. A lot. Wait at least until you've heard a heartbeat.

7. Don't assume everyone wants to hear about your pregnancy 24/7. They don't.

8. Regarding work, aside from preparing your boss and/or anyone else who may be affected by your maternity leave, there's really no reason to talk about your pregnancy at work. I had one co-worker once who felt it was necessary to detail every pregnancy symptom she was having with me. So not necessary.

9. Do not move when you are 9 months pregnant.

10. I'm too tired to think of a 10th thing I've learned. I'm going to have some ice cream instead.

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My Love/Hate Relationship with Ikea

We've been to Ikea 4 times in the last week. Twice to purchase items, and twice to return defective pieces of said items. My husband? Not so pleased, particularly as the last two trips have been out to the Conshohoken store. Know how much traffic you sit in going out that way after work?

Don't get me wrong: I accept Ikea for what it is. If you're going to pay $150 for a dresser, well, you can't expect it to be a high quality dresser. I have other items from Ikea that are just fine. But this last week, Ikea has not been kind to us.

Storage is a major issue at the new place and so we got this dresser in yellow and this sideboard in dark brown. The very last two pieces Ron tried to put together on the dresser turned out to have holes that didn't align with the other pieces. The sideboard had a piece of wood that split in two upon taking it out of the box and the top piece had a scratch in it (we were actually going to just deal with the scratch until the one side split and we realized we'd be making a return trip to Ikea regardless). Each of these purchases came in boxes that weighed over 100 pounds that Ron carried up three, sometimes four, flights of stairs. When Ron realized each time, at some point after midnight and a couple of hours of assembly, that each of these purchases turned out to be pieces of crap, I had to restrain him from jumping off the roof.

Last night, when we returned the split piece of the sideboard, the nice folks at Ikea opened the box of another sideboard, we all were amazed (well, not really) that the pieces in that box were in even worse shape. They brought a second box out and let us pick and choose which pieces we needed and even take home a couple of "extra" pieces (which it turned out we would need as other pieces broke).

As we were driving home last night, with the spare pieces of wood sending a light scent of pine throughout the car, Ron breathed in deeply and said, "Smell that? That's the smell of fine, Swedish crap."


Thursday, July 19, 2007


God, this is heartbreaking to watch. I liked her stint on VH1's "The Surreal Life". I've always thought she (she'll always be Tammy Faye Baker to me) seems like a quirky, but very nice person.


I enjoy this article immensely.

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Since I've moved, I'm a whopping 12 blocks from the nail salon I've favored. And 12 blocks at this particular juncture in my life may as well be 12 miles. Well, not really, but I am looking for some other options. Any suggestions on where to get manicures and pedicures East of Broad Street? I'm not looking high-end fancy here--not Toppers or Rescue. In fact, if it has its own website, chances are, it's not what I'm looking for right now. Not that I don't enjoy those place. I do. But I'm fiscally responsibly now, remember? Just looking for somewhere nice and clean.

Any suggestions?

Monday, July 16, 2007


And speaking of laundry:

Ron: I got the Dreft.
Me: Great.
Ron: You know, they have a Target version of the same stuff.
Me: But you went with the real thing, huh?
Ron(shrugging): Yeah, I figure we can let the kid have the first few weeks of thinking he'll get the good stuff in life.

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Slowly It's Coming Together

There is a bassinet. In my bedroom. I find this strange.

I also just did a load of laundry that consisted of very tiny things. Also strange.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

And All Sorts of Inappropriate Conversation Ensued

Last night I met Christy, Michelle and Meg at El Fuego and we had the best time. I don't think I've laughed as much in awhile. I love hanging out with my ladies. It was the exact break I needed from unpacking. Because seriously? I spent about 7 hours yesterday organizing clothes. That ain't right, yo.

Anyway, we all moved on to Starbucks after our Mexican feast and I recounted my story of grabbing Wendy's for a bite to eat earlier in the week. One can always expect absymal customer service at fast food joints in Philadelphia. Which was exemplified when Ron asked for a packet of barbeque sauce for his chicken sandwich and the response he got was:

"You ain't got no nugget."


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Thursday, July 12, 2007


I'm still here.

I'm taking some time off from work in the next few days to try to make some unpacking progress. Boxes are everywhere and I still can't get a handle on where to put everything.

We decided to get this baby furniture set in the cherry color. Actually, we're just getting the crib and dresser for now, until I can figure out how much extra space we'll have in the room.

I have swollen up like a balloon. I've gained 33 pounds, but I'm trying to attribute some of that to fluid and not to my nightly ice cream ritual. At first my ankles were gone. But now my hands, arms, legs and sometimes face decide to take part in the fluid retention party. It's pretty. My pressure is fine, so it's nothing to be alarmed by, but it takes a bit of a toll. This is why people avoid having babies in August. Apparently, I didn't get that memo.

Also, I'm not working out anymore, because not only did my gym membership expire, but even if I had a gym accessible, I have zero time to dedicate to working out. With 3 weeks left to go, my priority is to organization.

At least today I'm feeling pretty positive. Yesterday I was convinced the world was coming to an end. Well, not really, but I was convinced that I was going to go into labor and have the baby sleeping in a U-Haul box. Today, however, I have more energy and will make some progress tonight. And then I plan on sleeping late tomorrow and dedicating the rest of the day to unpacking.

And then I'll reward myself with a dinner of guacamole and chips.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Something weird is up with Blogger. I still can't post titles.

ANYWAY, I'm not one usually for modern design but I covet this desk.


Monday, July 09, 2007

So the Bonte at 9th and Walnut now serves ice cream and waffles with a chocolate or carmel sauce.

Is it just me, or is that what heaven must be like?



So, everything is out of the old place and into the new and boy, do we own a LOT of stuff/ I have no idea where it's all going. I only know that I need to buy more stuff to put the smaller stuff in. I miss the storage in my old place already.

On Friday and early Saturday, I felt pretty sad about leaving the old place and the old neighborhood. But by the end of day Saturday, I was feeling a lot better about it. The new place is nice, a lot more modern than my old place--totally different style. I've been doing laundry like crazy, because the wonder of having my own washer/dryer is intoxicating. My life is exciting, no? Then on Sunday, Ron and I grabbed a quick breakfast at Cosi and lo and behold, who should walk by but my friend Michelle? It was a nice reminder that there are perks to the new neighborhood. Namely, being closer to my peeps.

Of course, just in time for the move, annoying pregnancy symptoms slammed into high gear. I swear it wasn't intentional, but I was just about completely useless during the weekend. I didn't move a thing, but the simple task of standing for most of the day and unpacking totally wiped me out. At least now, our furniture is laid out so I can sit when I'm home. Tonight will be a little unpacking, a lot of purging and hopefully, alot of sitting down. Tomorrow is another doctor's appointment.

For some reason Blogger won't let me title this post. Weird.

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Friday, July 06, 2007

The New Place

It's smaller than I remembered. And will be difficult to baby-proof. And involves a lot of stairs.

Other than that, it's smashing.


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Taking Vaca

Okay, so I'm obviously not taking a vacation for reals, but I'm most likely taking a short blogging vacation. Work is nuts, and I'll be without internet access for a few days at home while we move. Also, I'll be busy losing my mind.

The packing has progressed considerably, although I have a feeling we still have lots to pack despite it looking like a majority of everything is in boxes. I'm picking up the keys to the new place later today and Ron and I are going to move some clothes in tonight. Tomorrow, his brother-in-law is coming to help Ron move some of our breakables (i.e. my beloved china) and then the movers will be here on Saturday for everything else. My mother-in-law is insisting on going to the new apartment tomorrow to clean as well.

I went to see my doctor on Tuesday and after having her entire hand up my hoo-ha, I learned that the baby is head down and right there, as they say. I'm also a whopping one centimeter dialated and starting to efface. Too much info? Oh well.

Now all that doesn't really mean anything. I could walk around every day of my life being one centimeter dialated. But for some reason I feel like I've accomplished something. Like one down, only nine more to go! Of course, I'd like those other nine to happen in late July and not next week. Hell, those other nine centimeters could wait until sometime next year for all I care. Babies are hard work, and I enjoy sleeping.

What Tuesday did, however, was make this baby thing a reality. Like it really, really hit me. One, because of that doctor's visit. Two, a woman's water broke at a wedding we were at. And I mean it broke like all over the freaking place. She was completely freaked out and started hyperventilating. It was only 3 weeks before her due date, but still, it caught her off guard. But it gave me something new to worry about, because I hadn't really thought about the possibility of my water breaking in a gushing fashion while out in public. You see that sort of thing on TV shows, but most people don't seem to experience it quite that way in real life.


Anyway, I will miss you all for the next few days and hope you will miss me. As soon as we're settled, I hope to be back to my regular posting.

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Fluid Retention Sucks

I used to have ankles. Just the other day, in fact, I had ankles.

Ankles are nice. I liked having them.


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Baby Furniture? Not Going So Well Either

We really want black furniture for the baby's room, which we've realized greatly limits our options. Only certain brands carry black and even those that do might carry a black crib, but no other furniture in black. And what good is that? Ron's now dead set against the Babies R Us furniture, so as I've mentioned, we're on the hunt for new stuff--which will never get here by the time the baby's born, but whatever.

So we found a set we really like that comes in black, but it's pricey. We found another set by the same company that's nice enough and more affordable, but doesn't come in black. It comes in a cherry color, which is okay, but you know, it's not black. Based on our new resolve to be more economical (this on the heels of a Bugaboo purchase), we decide to get the set in the cherry. Stupid cherry.

But then I go online and I see the set in ebony! Ebony is black! I am elated. A more affordable set from a decent company AND it comes in black! What more could I want?

For them not to have discontinued it, as it turns out. Would it have killed the company to stop advertising discontinued colors? Now I guess we're back to the stupid cherry.

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Monday, July 02, 2007

The Packing? It's Not Going So Well

When I got home from work Friday night, I suddenly didn't feel so well, and stayed on my couch until Ron got home from work...at about 9:30pm. So not so much with the packing.

Then Saturday, supposedly our big packing day, we got sucked into shopping all day. Ron was on the hunt for new shoes. Oh, and also? A new crib. His mother and sisters generously purchased our crib, the one we registered for, mind you, but now my diva husband has decided that he doesn't like it. So we wound up running around all day and didn't get any packing done.

Ron was on call yesterday, so yours truly spent the day packing. It certainly took all day, but somehow it seems that I didn't make much progress.

Oh a brighter note, I did laundry yesterday and I think that will be the last time I ever need to go to the laundromat. As of Thursday I am the proud owner (well, renter really) of a washer and dryer. Praise be Jesus.


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