Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Weekend Can't Come Fast Enough

So I may speed things up by taking the day off tomorrow. Good idea, no?

I can use tomorrow to get lots of little homeless items around the apartment put away. We're so close to having the apartment look normal--right now it just looks like very sloppy people live there who don't put things away. And tomorrow night, I believe, is the night we head back to Ikea for a dining table. And to Target for additional bathroom storage.

On Saturday afternoon, Deidre and I are going for manicures and pedicures. She's taking pity on me because I know she'd rather have her eyes gouged out with a fork than sit through girly stuff. I'll need to prep for this excursion by spending the entire morning with my feet up. Because right now? The swelling, it's out of control. My feet and ankles look like they've been replaced by water balloons.

Then either Saturday or Sunday morning, I plan on taking Ron to Sabrina's for brunch. We've never been there before and I'd kinda like to try it sans screaming infant.


At 8:38 AM, Blogger Star said...

Enjoy the girlie day.

I may steal your idea. Sabrina's looks amazing.


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