Wednesday, October 27, 2004


This is the never-ending headache. The usual drugs aren't even working. I'm being to think I'm in migraine land, not hangover land.

I do NOT heart heartaches.


One of the greatest places to eat in Philadelphia is Vietnam Restaurant, which is right across the street from Vietnam Palace, just to confuse people. I've never been to the "Palace" so I don't know whether it's good or not, but I have this weird way of pledging allegiance to things like restaurants, so you won't find me in the Palace anytime soon. It would be like a betrayal of Vietnam Restaurant, because obviously they must be in competition and I can't imagine that the Palace is better than the Restaurant. Because Vietnam Restaurant's drink menu includes beverages like the Suffering Bastard and Virgin's Downfall.

How could you not order a Virgin's Downfall?

Actually, a couple of people from work go specifically to order Suffering Bastards, because, well, that's what we feel like we are. It's oddly gratifying to get shit-faced on something that's specifically expresses what you're feeling. Kind of like Hallmark cards for drunks.

Last night, the Suffering Bastards Club (or SBC) met and the drinks flowed. The result this morning is a pounding headache.

Which actually makes me feel like having a Suffering Bastard.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Prayers Please

I don't know that this is the appropriate venue for this, but please pray to whatever God you pray to. One of my employees, the one who just lost her mother 3 weeks ago, just got a call that her father has collapsed at work and is being rushed to the hospital. I'm praying that he'll be all right. A person can only take so much.


About the terror we should be fighting.


It's funny that Christy blogged about the Garden State soundtrack yesterday because I've been obsessed with it, particularly Remy Zero's "Fair."

Hey, are you lonely?
Has summer gone so slowly?
We found the ground
And that damage was done
It's cold as you fade into the sun
Where'd you go?
To me?

But you're alive!
Well, it's only
Fallen frames, they told me
You stand out, it's so loud
And so what if it is?
It's cold as you face into the wind
Where'd it go to?
tonight the sun shall see its light

So what if you catch me,
Where would we land?
In somebody's life
For taking his hands
Sing to me hope as she's
Thrown on the sand
All of your work
Is rated again
Where to go ?

And you were somehow the rain this thing could allow
But it's all wrong
You're so strong
And this life and work
And choice took far too long
Where'd it go?
tonight the sun shall see its light

So what if you catch me,
Where would we land?
In somebody's life
For taking his hands
Sing to me hope as she's
Thrown on the sand
All of our work
Is rated again

You know I love you.
You know I love you.
I want you oh so much.

It's so fair.

When I was sure you'd follow through
My world was turned to blue, so thin
When you'd hide your songs would die
So I'd hide yours with mine
And all my words were bound to fail
I know you won't fail
See, I can tell

Things That Charm Me

Restoring the TV sound via radio in the gym. Now I can listen to the TVs through my Walkman. I was going blind trying to read that closed captioning!

The Cheese Stands Alone

My friend Dan will love the title of this post. He called me Cheese throughout college and only he knows why (why, Dan, why?). I've always assumed it was because I was very into residence life in college and well, there was definitely a cheesiness to that.

Anyway, in my previous blog I did some complaining about a colleague of mine. When the director of our department left two years ago, this colleague and I took over as co-directors. When the work was reallocated, I got about 75% of it. I was fine with that, but I was not fine with how disinterested my colleague was in her 25%. I was fine with my work load, but I got really pissy when I had to pick up her slack too. She never used to be like that--she used to be a really hard worker. But we had been through a literal work-hell and it effected her differently than it effected me.

When I decided to stay at The Institution, rather than taking a job elsewhere, I knew I was going to be promoted. Fortunately my colleague got another job, and will probably be much happier. Overall, I was and am happy with the direction this all has taken. But she's leaving next week and I am surprised to find this unsettling.

I'm going to be the director of my department. It's not that I can't do the job--I've been doing most of the work anyway. It's that I'll have to do it alone. For the first time, I'll have to make decisions without consulting my colleague. She has always had a different way of looking at things than I have and I always found that helpful. I'll have to come up with ideas on my own. She has been the only person who truly understands what we've been through with The Most Evil Company in All the Land. I've relied on her mentally, and didn't quite fully apprecriate what her absence will mean. She and I, at least figuratively, shouldered the responsibility of the department together. Our employees, other college administrators and deans looked to us as a team. Now the responsiblity of my department, its employees and all the students we service falls with me. I know I'll do a decent job, it's just weird being the top cheese.

And the cheese stands alone.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Oh Pass the Midol

Can we talk about PMS? Since boobs and constipation and lactation are regular topics on blogs I read (thanks Dooce), I think I'll throw PMS into the mix. The thing with PMS is that, with the exception of some water retention and minor cramping, I never used to get it. Now? It's like a life altering event each month.

I don't have it bad by most standards. Only minor cramping. But the headaches? The fatigue? The mood swings? It's ridiculous. And it never used to happen. But over the last year or so, I've noticed that particularly the mood swings go into high gear. Ron and I spent a perfectly nice yesterday organizing and watching football. By last night I was ready to throw him out of the house. I couldn't tell you why, and fortunately, he was at work by then. It's hard to throw someone out of the house when they're not there to begin with.

Saturday night we went to Ikea and Target, where PMS kicked my decisiveness into high gear. We spend hours shopping. I had promised Ron we could see Friday Nights Lights. Ron had already read the book. I cried the last half hour of the movie, and then was angry with Ron--could he have told me they were going to lose??? I wouldn't have spent so much time getting my hopes up if I knew they were going to lose anyway!!! Who makes a movie about a team that loses? Honestly. (Actually, I can be non-hormonal just long enough to say it was a decent movie but the cinematography was wacked out. It made me dizzy. Also, there was alot of blood and breaking of bones and tearing of ligaments. Yuck.)

We left the theater and I said, "My children will never play football." Ron gave me a blank stare as though I was speaking another language. "I mean it. They would never play football. Ever."

Tonight I'm going home and making chocolate chip cookies. Because chocolate chip cookies are the remedy for PMS.

Things That Annoy Me

Playing "Dominic, the Italian Christmas Donkey" in your store. I love the song, but not on October 25th, you damn season-pushing Strawbridge's employees!

From the Non-Scientist

I've never claimed to be the world's smartest person, and so admittedly there is a lot I don't know. I don't know about things that I should know, like what's the latest deal with affirmative action and the SATs. I am not exactly clear on what the presidential candidates positions are on healthcare--which I feel I should be well versed in, since there is so much coverage about it (but I sort of glaze over whenever election stuff is on these days). And I don't have the first clue about stem cell research. I know Michael J. Fox is all about it, and I know it seems like it can do a great deal of good and I know there is a whole lot of controversy about it. That's about it. I learned a bit more about it yesterday. At church.

It's "Respect Life Month" in the Catholic Church and my church bulletin has been covering different topics within this subject over the last few weeks. While abortion is up there as a main issue, I found this week's bulletin on stem cell research very interesting. I'm sure how scientifically accurate it is, but I'm going with it for now.

Is the Catholic Church opposed to all stem cell research?
Not at all. Most stem cell research uses cells obtained from adult tissue, umbilical cord blood and other sources that do not impose a moral problem. Useful stem cells have been found in bone marrow, blood, muscle, fat nerves, and even in the pulp of baby teeth. Some of these cells are already being used to treat people with a wide variety of diseases.

Why is the Church opposed to stem cell research using the embryo?
Because harvesting these stem cells kills the living embryo. The Church opposes the direct destruction of innocent human life for any purpose, including research.

I haven't thought much about stem cell research. But it's nice to know that the Church isn't against it. Well, except in the case of destroying embryos, but I'm down with that. I would have assumed the Church would have unilaterally condemned stem cell research, because they seem to do that with anything, you know, progressive.

Cloning though? That wigs me out. I know my scientist friends' heads are probably imploding at reading this. But really, cloning? Wigs. Me. Out.

What I do like however, is that my Church, for better or for worse, is trying to explain issues like cloning and stem cell research and how it relates to faith. I know it gives some people aneurysms when religion and science mix, but I think it's nice to have that perspective.

Friday, October 22, 2004

My Friend's Blog

My friend is very far away from home right now and is lonely. Check out his blog and feel free to comment. You'll be doing a good deed.


Well said.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Price We Pay

Ron and I are doing some more "home improvement" things this weekend. His reward is that I'm taking him to see Friday Night Lights. Oy!

Things That Annoy Me

Teresa Heinz Kerry. Not necessarily because of this, but because she never seems to be able to say anything without insulting somebody. C'mon John, I know she's rich, but really.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Slouched Boot

This is back in style? Are you kidding me?


Halloween is coming up. I like Halloween in theory, pumpkins, ghosts, scary movies. But I hate the dressing up part. I'm not sure why. I avoid costume parties like the plague. But that's now. As a kid of course, I LOVED dressing up. One of the most important decisions I made all year was what to be for Halloween. Dressing up meant trick-or-treating. And that meant candy!

Yay, candy! If I didn't think it might involve me getting arrested, I might still go trick-or-treating now. Minus the costume.

Anyway, one of the Halloweens I remember most was when I was Holly Hobbie. Does anyone remember Holly Hobbie or am I totally dating myself here? We weren't a very crafty family so I worn one of those God-awful plastic costumes. You know the kind that's basically a smock that you tie in the back, complete with a flimsy plastic mask that you could barely see or breathe out of? Yeah, one of those. My brother was about 3 and even though he wasn't going trick-or-treating, my mother dressed him up. In a sombreo, a poncho and (I can't even type this without laughing) a fake moustache. He was supposed to be a Mexican. My mother dressed her baby up as a Mexican man! How's that for political correctness?

My brother was traumatized by the fake moustache. The Mexican costume might has been forgotten completely, if it wasn't for a framed picture of Holly Hobbie and the Mexican that sits in my parents' den to this day. In the picture, the Mexican is crying much like he did for most of the day, due to the aforementioned moustache. I don't blame my brother one bit. I would equally upset to have so much facial hair at such a young age.

I can't even tell you how many years passed before I questioned the appropriateness of my brother's costume. As bad as it was, I can't help that I still find that picture adorable. My brother was one cute Mexican.


You know who has great marketing? The Breast Cancer Awareness Month people. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great. Have you noticed that the sales people in every store are wearing pink ribbons? Or that every website you go to has a link regarding Breast Cancer Awareness link? Or that your city skyline is pink?

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I'm Addicted

To HGTV. Honestly, Curb Appeal and House Hunters are my two favorite shows. I want to buy a house. Unfortunately, that house could be here since it's one of the places where Ron is interviewing. Yikes.

Just Say No

I'm glad people are beginning to revolt against this. I fully expect my friend Heather to pop up wearing one of these in about two months (love ya Heather).

Monday, October 18, 2004

The Break

Oh no say it isn't so.

When does having a hurt knee prevent you from singing? Oh, when your career's going down the toilet.

Her life lately has been like watching a car wreck: sad, but you just can't stop watching. In two years, she'll have a kid, be newly divorced and staging her comeback. I guarantee it.

How to Annoy Me

Call me from an Eagle's game and respond to the question, "When will you be home?" with "I don't know, we're boozing right now." Yeah, I get that you're boozing right now, but you've been boozing since 9am which was 10 hours ago, you drunk.

Warm and Fuzzy

So Friday night, I met up with Christy at Sophie's to pick out yarn for a scarf that Christy agreed to make me. I thought it would be fun to have my own custom-made scarf, but I don't knit so much. However, if you've met Christy you know that she's a rockin' good knitter with a ton of talent. She was very patient with me, answering all my questions while I wallowed in my indecisiveness. After driving her crazy for about an hour picking out yarn, I finally decided on some raspberry-colored "fat yarn" (or as knitters say, loosely spun yarn--I call it fat). It was very soft, but the real reason I picked it was that the color made me happy.

We went back to Christy and Michelle's place to decide what type of pattern to use. We debated on what the scarf should look like; Christy and Michelle spoke some sort of knit-speak that I didn't understand. After several tries, we decided on what I think is called a drop stitch. We ordered Chinese food, Christy knitted, we all chatted up a storm. The thing about hanging out with Michelle and Christy is that my chattiness kicks into high gear and hours wind up passing before I even realize it. Friday night was supposed to be laundry/vaccuuming night for me and I was overwhelmed by the excitment of that. Thankfully, Christy rescued me and I spent a lovely evening with her and Michelle.

The scarf, by the way, way halfway done by the time I left that night. Christy is a fast knitter, and also, scarves aren't all that challenging. I love scarves. Maybe I'll learn how to knit just so I can make myself lots of scarves. I'm already thinking about a tan or cream colored, sort of lacy one. One that sort of looks irish-knit. I already told Christy that I don't like cream colored anything in the winter because it doesn't really flatter by skintone, but maybe it could work.

In other news, I'm trying to convince a friend of mine to go on a short cruise in December. She has vacation time at the beginning of that month. December, however, with the holidays and all is generally not a good vacation time. Everyone's always strapped for cash.

Finally, today is Monday. I don't like Mondays.

Friday, October 15, 2004


So I'm in my office's kitchen the other day and I see a brown, round knob type thing in the middle of the floor. I look at one of my employees and say, "Is that poison? That looks like poison." She didn't know. I grab the property manager, and ask, "What's that? Because it wasn't there yesterday. Is it poison?"

"Umm, yeah, that's poison. Sure looks like it."

"Why is it in the middle of our kitchen?"

"Um, the exterminator didn't put it there. He put it behind the fridge."

"You mean a mouse moved that all the way out here?"

"Yeah. You know what else? That was originally a rectangle."

"Huh. I guess we don't have a mouse problem anymore."

"Wouldn't think so."

Charm Me

By sending me an e-card wishing me a Happy Boss's Day and praising me for my drive and dedication. Okay, you do get a raise after all.

Thinking About

A co-worker is leaving and I need to find an appropriate location for a going away lunch.
Hmmm....I'm terrible at this sort of thing.

Thursday, October 14, 2004


Welcome to my new blog. My new, not-carrying-any-baggage-over-from-my-last-blog, blog. Nothing like a brand-spanking new blog. It had new blog smell and everything. No? Well, maybe not.

Anyway, I'll try to make this as interesting as possible, but I'm not promising anything.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Hope dangles on a string
Like slow spinning redemption
Winding in and winding out
The shine of it has caught my eye
And roped me in
So mesmerizing, and so hypnotizing
I am captivated, I am...

I am selfish
I am wrong
I am right
I swear I'm right
Swear I knew it all along
And I am flawed
But I am cleaning up so well I am seeing in me now the things you swore you saw yourself

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