Thursday, July 05, 2007

Taking Vaca

Okay, so I'm obviously not taking a vacation for reals, but I'm most likely taking a short blogging vacation. Work is nuts, and I'll be without internet access for a few days at home while we move. Also, I'll be busy losing my mind.

The packing has progressed considerably, although I have a feeling we still have lots to pack despite it looking like a majority of everything is in boxes. I'm picking up the keys to the new place later today and Ron and I are going to move some clothes in tonight. Tomorrow, his brother-in-law is coming to help Ron move some of our breakables (i.e. my beloved china) and then the movers will be here on Saturday for everything else. My mother-in-law is insisting on going to the new apartment tomorrow to clean as well.

I went to see my doctor on Tuesday and after having her entire hand up my hoo-ha, I learned that the baby is head down and right there, as they say. I'm also a whopping one centimeter dialated and starting to efface. Too much info? Oh well.

Now all that doesn't really mean anything. I could walk around every day of my life being one centimeter dialated. But for some reason I feel like I've accomplished something. Like one down, only nine more to go! Of course, I'd like those other nine to happen in late July and not next week. Hell, those other nine centimeters could wait until sometime next year for all I care. Babies are hard work, and I enjoy sleeping.

What Tuesday did, however, was make this baby thing a reality. Like it really, really hit me. One, because of that doctor's visit. Two, a woman's water broke at a wedding we were at. And I mean it broke like all over the freaking place. She was completely freaked out and started hyperventilating. It was only 3 weeks before her due date, but still, it caught her off guard. But it gave me something new to worry about, because I hadn't really thought about the possibility of my water breaking in a gushing fashion while out in public. You see that sort of thing on TV shows, but most people don't seem to experience it quite that way in real life.


Anyway, I will miss you all for the next few days and hope you will miss me. As soon as we're settled, I hope to be back to my regular posting.

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At 7:53 AM, Blogger Star said...

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

That is my motto in times of transition and overwhelming whatever.

We are close if you need us, so call.

I am thinking of you. AND I need the new address asap.


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