Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I Am A Leafpeeper

So Ron has rubbed off on me a bit. I'm starting to investigate places to visit for a long weekend in late October. I love trips to New England in the fall. The baby will be nearly 3 months by then and I think it would be fun to take him or her out in the Baby Bjorn to see the leaves change.

I'm torn on location though. I had the same problem last year. Since we won't be able to go until late October, I think a lot of places would be ruled out as "past peak". I'd love to go up to Maine, but it's about a 10 hour drive. While most of the state would be past peak, the southern shoreline usually has leaves at their peak in late October. Not that they ever know for sure when leaves will peak any given year.

Another possibility is Cape Cod. I was there years ago, just for a day en route to Vermont, but it was beautiful. Of course I think that was mid-October and not late October.

We could go back to Mystic or Newport, where we went last year. Because as much as I worried about it, they weren't even close to being in peak season in mid-October last year.

But I was also thinking of the Lenox/Great Barrington/Berkshire region of Massachusetts. Or maybe Cooperstown, NY, which is near the Catskill Mountains. Or Manchester, VT. Or North Conway, NH which has a very cool train.

I'm willing to take suggestions....



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