Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On Being Pregnant, Part 2

Yesterday, I had an ultrasound, because one of my doctors was a little concerned about growth, because my abdomen has been measuring small. With the whole CF factor, she wanted to take every precaution/measurement/test available. Turns out the little peanut is measuring just fine and weighs 7lbs 9 oz. In case you're in on our baby pool, which includes guessing the weight, I'm not really giving anything away, as the ultrasound can be off by as much as a pound in either direction. Anyway, the ultrasound wasn't as fun as previous ones, because the more fat on the baby, the harder it is to see the images. So...really, you can't tell it's a baby anymore.

Today I have my weekly doctor's appointment, along with my weekly non-stress test--another precaution because of the CF factor. All these appointments are starting to get on my nerves.

I thought of a couple of other things I've learned:

11. Don't totally "give up" once you're pregnant. Being pregnant is not an excuse to stop wearing makeup or for wearing sweats out in public regularly. Do not run out and buy a minivan the second you get a positive test result.

12. If you see someone who's pregnant, do not ask "Are you having a boy or a girl?" and then act like the person must be retarded when the answer is "I don't know."

13. If you're pregnant, consider not being a total control freak and opt not to find out the gender of your baby. Sorry, that was judgemental of me. But seriously, as much as I want to know, not knowing is incredibly fun. Yes, it makes picking out bedding and outfits harder. But you have the rest of their lives to know their gender and only 9 months of it being the greatest surprise of your life.

14. If you do find out the gender, for God's sake, don't start referring to him or her by name before he or she is born. That's just fucking weird.

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