Monday, July 23, 2007


We made significant unpacking progress over the weekend. We just dedicated hours upon hours to only that task. The baby's room is now clear of all un-baby related items and, while there's still a lot to do, you can actually see the floor of most of the rest of the apartment. Which is a huge improvement.

We're also apparently competing with my friends about who can have more Ikea furniture. We got a Billy bookcase in black-brown with the attached doors, to use for extra kitchen storage. Ron's job is to put that together tonight and then hopefully all the extra kitchen appliances and dishtowels will have a home. Later this week, I told Ron we're getting this table. He's not thrilled about it, but I'd really like a regular table for guests to be able to sit at. We've already got some funky red chairs that we'll pair with it until we figure out what chairs we really want. I really wanted a table that's expandable, which sadly, the table that matches our sideboard is not. So not only is all our furniture from Ikea, but it's also a hogposh of styles.


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