Monday, March 22, 2010

10 weeks

So my little Swiss Miss is already 10 weeks old and I haven't really posted a thing about her.

Let's see. About her:
She was born with a ton of hair. It continues to grow at an alarming rate.

She does not like to be disturbed while resting.

She is neater than her brother: she doesn't spit up and her poop stays in her diaper. That said, she burps and farts like a drunken frat boy.

She took to nursing immediately. As in, she was born, literally, making a sucking motion. She just recently found her thumb and is in complete heaven.

Her eyes, for now, are blue.

Her skin, unfortunately, is very dry and she has eczema and cradle cap something fierce.

It seems that she may have food allergies as well as reflux.

She doesn't really mind tummy time.

She loves to smile.

She loves to coo.


Let's see. About me:

Having two kids is logistically as much of a pain in the ass as I thought it would be. That said, it's not as hard in other ways I thought it would be.

I'm on a restricted diet as a result of the aforementioned food allergies. No milk, eggs or soy ingredients for me. As an aside, I'd like to point out that with Rolo I pumped exclusively for over six months and now with this one, I've given up eating most foods that are delicious. I deserve some sort of mothering award, no?

I enjoy walking around the city with Swiss Miss.

I have no desire to return to work. This confuses me.

Having the benefit of experience, it seems having a newborn this time is infinitely easier. Not nearly as much frustration or depression. I attribute this to both the experience factor and that I had simply less to lose this time.

I love nursing her.

In the afternoons, she and I take naps on my bed. We look at each other as we drift off to sleep. It is my favorite time of day and I am very sad it will come to an end.

I am completely in love.

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At 6:57 PM, Blogger Star said...

I love the mom that you are, to both of them!


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