Thursday, June 12, 2008

I've Glimpsed Into My Future and It Is Filled With Many a Headache

Tuesday morning, Rolo fell off the bed, again, landing squarely (and loudly) on his face. Thinking he may have broken his nose, I took him to the emergency room. Actually, I didn't think he needed to go to the emergency room, but it was suggested by his pediatrician's office when I called and being a first time parent, I do whatever they tell me to do. So I spent the morning of my birthday in the ER, watching my son charm the pants off of virtually every person there. Seriously, the nurses were like ripping their pants off and throwing them at him.

No broken nose, not that they would do anything for a broken nose anyway, but he does look like he was in a boxing match. Just about everyone advised me that this would likely be the first of many trips to the emergency room. Awesome.

Over the last month or so, I've decided it's time to introduce discipline to Rolo, beginning to present boundries for him. Particularly, as he's able to comprehend more of what we're saying. "No, no, we don't pull hair." "No, Rolo, that's not nice. Do nice." "No, leave Pop Pop's glasses alone."

One of his favorite activities is to crawl over to the verical blinds that cover the sliding doors, I hate these blinds but they're not mine so I figure we probably shouldn't break them. Anyway, he crawls over, grabs a blind in each hand and starts waving them around wildly. I tell him, "No, leave the blinds alone." He looks at me, lets go of the blinds and smiles. And then, promptly grabs the blinds again. So the cyle continues. So I experimented with using a stern, slightly louder tone of voice, "No, Rolo. NO. Leave the blinds alone." My stern-voice, it is scary. It's not yelling. But it's STERN. And scary. Ron cowers in fear when I use it, he is such a sensitive flower.

Rolo? Rolo throws his head back and laughs the loudest belly laugh you ever did hear when I use the stern-voice.


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At 12:48 PM, Blogger Star said...

Leave it to that little charmer not to fear you! I imagine you can be quite intimidating when need be. Maybe you need a squirt gun, like when a cat doesn't listen. Hahahaha. JK. Of course you shouldn't use a squirt gun on a baby... though Jim did use one on Michael and Dwight on The Office and it sort of worked. =)


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