Friday, May 30, 2008


Mighty Girl tells it like it is.

I, much to my surprise, basked in the glory of pregnancy. I loved it, loved my body, marveled in the changes. So I was shocked when after I had the baby, I felt disconnected from my body. It felt weak and broken. It's been nearly 10 months, and I'm still not back to form. I'm not just talking weight here, I'm talking about knowing how your body works and then after childbirth, it not working like that anymore. As I've said before, my pregnancy was easy, my labor was pretty easy, but recovery? I can't emphasize enough how much I underestimated how physically altering childbirth is. It takes a long time to heal, mostly in subtle ways. But I'm not 100% yet and I wonder sometimes if I ever will be. People ask when I'll have another baby (as though it's something one orders from and honestly, getting pregnant again before getting this body back in shape, strengthening it, would be about the worst thing I could do to myself, and by association, to my children.



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