Friday, May 23, 2008

San Fran

I did the following things in San Fran and they made me happy:

1. The aforementioned riding outside a cable car on the running board. Also traveled by streetcar.

2. Shopped in the GAP and Levi's flagship stores.

3. Went to wineries in Sonoma, randomly selected. Hook and Ladder, Harvest Moon (because I liked the name and also, they have a Zinfandel called "RandyZin", for you know, when you're feeling randy) and St. Francis. We also visited Viansa, but didn't try any wine there. It's the most gorgeous location though.

4. At my friend Meg's suggestion, had lunch at The Girl and the Fig. It was divine and I'd love to get back there with Meg and some of my other girlfriends.

5. Visited Alcatraz--something I've always wanted to do.

6. Walked UP Lombard Street. Which is insane.

7. Had irish coffee at Buena Vista

8. Ate at Mel's Drive-In Diner. Which was not, at the location we visited, a drive-in.

9. Saw the "Painted Ladies". Reminisced about Full House.

10. Went to a Japanese festival in (surprise) Japan Town. Nearly bought a Hello Kitty purse.



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