Monday, June 02, 2008

Further Experiments With Gravity

Proving that he's becoming more mobile, Rolo crawled right off the bed this morning. Fell straight on his head. Made a terrific THUMP and everything. It happened so fast (doesn't every neglectful mother say that?) that I didn't have time to catch him. One minute he was sitting up playing with his toys in the middle of the bed, as I observed in the mirror while putting on make-up. The next second, I see that he's on his stomach reaching frantically for a book on the floor. The time it took me to get from the mirror to the bed, was the exact amount of time it took him to fall.

This happens all the time, I know. Still, I called the doctor's office and they apparently have a whole "protocol" for this type of thing and so tonight I've got to wake him up throughout the night to ensure he rouses easily. Rolo enjoys his sleep, and never rouses easily so I'm not exactly sure this is going to be a useful exercise. I anticipate that both he and I will be tired and cranky tomorrow.

I'm not so worried about a concussion, although his head did make a terrific noise when it hit the floor, at least the floor is carpeted. I'm more worried that he's hurt his neck, since the rest of his body landed on top of his head when he fell. He seems okay, so I guess time will tell.

I had to call Ron and tell him I broke the baby. He was not pleased. I'm not all that pleased either.

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At 1:42 PM, Blogger irishdo said...

Oh uh. I am sure Rolo is just fine. You probably lost a few off your life, but it is likely the first of many accidents. Maybe just wake him from his naps and if does fine and no puking, let him sleep tonight.

At 5:58 PM, Blogger Star said...

You are too funny, you "broke the baby." Hysterical. I wish you had a huge readership like Dooce or Mighty Girl because I really think other moms could totally relate to you! Plus you are pretty damn funny (tell Ron.)


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