Tuesday, July 01, 2008

T-Minus One Month

Rolo turns 11 months old today. And it reminds me of turning 29 years old. If you're 29, you may as well be 30. Twenty nine is like the year that is desperately clinging to a bygone era. I suspect I'll feel the same way about 39. So Rolo is 11 months old, but in my mind he may as well be a year old.

As I forecasted a month ago, Rolo had apparently been revving up for big advances. He started crawling and now crawls everywhere. Simultaneously, he started pulling up and cruising and within the last two weeks has gotten pretty good about getting from one piece of furniture to another. Last night, he actually stood for about 2 seconds on his own without holding onto anything. While he's still unstable, it's amazing to see how much stronger he's gotten in just a few weeks. The funniest thing is to see him get down from a standing position. He sticks his butt way out behind him and then just plops down.

I had taken him to the physical therapy evaluation, even though he was already crawling by the time the appointment rolled around. They spent a good hour and a half with Rolo, asking me questions and testing Rolo. I could tell as soon as they started testing that he was fine. He, of course, turned on the charm and performed every single trick they could possibly have wanted to see. All in the first 5 minutes. So, no future PT is needed and they probably thought I was crazy.

Rolo will occasionally say Mama now, although I don't think he associates it withme. I don't think he associates any of his spoken words with their meaning. But he is beginning to understand and associate words that are spoken to him. If you ask him to "share" he will promptly give you whatever he has in his hands. If you say "no" now, he'll stop what he's doing (usually only to start it right back up again 5 seconds later). He still won't clap or play "so big" but he plays ball. Really. He'll pass a ball back and forth with you for a long period of time. He really "gets" that it's a game. I think that's incredibly advanced, but I may be biased.

He's started eating more and more table food. Last night he had cut up chicken and sweet potato fries. I think I'm having a problem determining how much food is a serving for him (it's so easy with the jarred stuff--one jar = one serving). But Rolo seems to enjoy eating and practicing his chewing. Which is great because he has 6 teeth now; two on the bottom and 4 on the top.

Over the weekend, we went to the beach for the first time with Rolo and while he loved the sand, he wasn't digging the water. Although it was a little rough and cold and it didn't help that he was overdue to eat. I think we may go to the trailer down by the river soon and I bet he'll like calm bay water better.

Ron and I have already been arguing about a first birthday party. I fall into the catergory that believes that immediate family should be invited over for cake and other treats. Ron thinks it's an event that should involve no fewer than 100 people. Who do you think will be accountable if this child winds up totally spoiled?
We're at an impasse.

I think there's a good chance that Rolo will start walking before he hits the one year mark. Maybe, maybe not. He's learned so much in the last 11 months. I can't believe it's almost a year since he was born. I can't believe it's been almost a year since I've been to a gym. In so many ways my life is the same as before I had a baby, but I swear nothing on earth can prepare you for how different it will be either.

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