Sunday, June 22, 2008

One of the Most Delightful Mornings I've Had in Awhile

So Rolo slept until 9:15a.m. this morning. This is completely unheard of and I went into his room a few times to make sure he was still breathing. Despite my human alarm clock not going off this morning, I awoke at 7:15am, with the vague, but persistent feeling that I was late for something. Tried though I did, I could not go back to sleep. So, to recap: Rolo was sleeping late, it's Sunday and I had nowhere I had to be and I woke up at 7am anyway. I ask you: what the fuck, people?

Anyway, since I slept an hour/hour and a half later than I normally do on the weekend, I guess this counted as "sleeping in."

With Rolo and Ron still sleeping, I had the place to myself. I took a shower, started a load of laundry and made a pot of coffee. I did my stretching routine, and then drank a cup of joe while cleaning off the kitchen counters and dining room table. In short, I accomplished more in a hour and a half than I normally can in a couple of days (these days anyway).

After Rolo woke up, I handed him off to Ron and I headed to church, followed by a trip to the farmer's market. It shaped up to be a pretty fine morning.



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