Saturday, June 21, 2008

Footwear, But Not for Me

Ever since my friend Kim sent Rolo a pair of Robeez sneakers earlier this year, I've been in love. They're cute, they have soft soles and, best of all, he can't get them off. But with the warm weather upon us and the requirement of his daycare that children wear closed-toe shoes, I ordered Rolo these a few weeks ago. I can't say they're the cutest sandals out there, but at least his feet can breathe. Because this kid? He does NOT enjoy being hot.

Anyway, I got the sandals in brown, because...well, isn't that the color that sandals usually are? The fact, though, is that Rolo wears a lot of blue, and depending on the outfit, the brown sandals look sort of funny, kind of like they don't match what he's wearing. I know, I know, doesn't brown match everything? It would seem not. So I'm actually contemplating getting the same sandals in navy blue. What do you think? Too much?

In other shoe news, I also just ordered these, because, c'mon, how could I not?



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