Monday, June 30, 2008

Five Things I (Unexpectedly) Love About Having a Kid

Lest you think it's all doom and gloom over here in mommy-land, I give you this:

1. Hugs.
I'm not an overly huggy person. I hug my friends hello and goodbye. I hug my husband. But, you know, it's a hug. Nice, but...I'm more a fist bump person (Ron and I have been doing it long before the Obamas made it popular). But, I digress. Rolo gives out hug liberally and they are the best things ever.

2. A friendlier version of me.
I'm not very friendly. People who pass me on the street often think I'm scowling at them. I don't make small talk. One of the aspects of motherhood that I dreaded was the possibility that other mothers would flock to me for some reason, wanting to make playdates and inviting me to bake sales. I viewed people who made friends at the playground desperate for adult companionship. To my surprise, I've become much friendlier since Rolo's been born. The other women and men dropping their kids off seem really nice. Nice, friendly and not in an overly-agressive way. We say good morning, and make small talk (I know!) about the kids. I even coo over the other babies. It's a whole new me, sometimes.

3. Getting excited over the little stuff.
You know I'm proud of my accomplishments, my husband's and friends' accomplishments. But I'm really proud of Rolo in a totally different way. Could be a new trick, (like him starting to "cruise" as he is now) or it could be he being particularly well-behaved on a day when we couldn't get a nap in and I know he's tired. Similarly, when Rolo gets excited about something, like the wind or a song or a bus, I get excited to see his reaction.

4. Restored faith in humankind.
People literally trip over themselves in an effort to open doors for me when I have the stroller. Which is kind of nice and somewhat unexpected. It's not always who you would expect either. Sometimes the middle-aged dude in a suit, the one you just know have 3 kids at home, lets the door slam in your face. It warms my heart when the 19 year old, very tatooed bike messenger opens the door for you instead. I took Rolo to church for the first time by myself this weekend and would you believe that there are 3 sets of staircases and three, very heavy, doors to get into the chapel? If it hadn't been for the kindness of people holding the doors and helping carry the stroller, I'm not sure I could have done it. I'm not sure that I like being dependent of the help of others, but I'm floored that people do go out of their way to help.

5. Being the funniest person in the room.
It's widely debated whether or not I'm funny, but as far as Rolo is concerned there's no contest. That kid finds me hysterical. I didn't know I could feel such inherent satisfaction from hearing a baby laugh.



At 6:35 AM, Blogger irishdo said...

small talk.....who are you?????

Happy 11 months! I am in desparate need of one of those Rolo hugs!


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