Tuesday, October 16, 2007


So on Thursday, Ron, Rolo and I leave for a trip to New England for 4 days. We're going to Plymouth, MA and may stop by Mystic, CT on the way up or the way home. A six-hour car ride with an infant will be interesting. We're planning on making lots of stops along the way.

Packing, of course, will be a nightmare. Any idea how much extra stuff you need with a baby? So I'm starting to pack today in the hopes of being done by Thursday morning. Unfortunately, I managed to break our washing machine and the repair dude won't be here until tomorrow. So that means most of the packing will have to wait until that's done. Because Rolo here manages to dirty about 6 bibs a day, along with 2 outfits, so he'll definitely need laundry done before we leave.

I should point out that I broke the washer by doing Ron's laundry. The string from one of his scrub pants is all wound around the cylinder and stopped up the machine entirely. Which just goes to show you that you should never do your husband's laundry.


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