Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Month Two

Yesterday, Rolo turned two months old. The reason I didn't post anything was because after getting some work done in the morning, we went to New Hope in the afternoon. Ron played hooky unexpectedly. As in, he left for work, and then when I was in the shower, I heard his voice saying, "I'm back and not going to work." Very happy that he was home, but not so happy that he scared the bejesus out of me in while I was in the shower. I told him he was lucky that I hadn't heard him rummaging around downstairs or I might have mistaken him for an intruder and come at him with a baseball bat.

The weather in New Hope was lovely--slightly cool, but warm enough that Rolo wasn't cold. It was a great day to hang out with the little man. He was very good. I've noticed recently that going out with him doesn't fill me with the same level of anxiety as it previously did. Part of that may be that I'm getting used to him, but I think mostly it's that he has become a happier baby:

Sunday was Rolo's christening and afterward we had a luncheon at the Irish Pub. My friends, as well as my and Ron's families had a great time. The day left me exhausted, but it doesn't take much to exhaust me these days. Anyway, Rolo was pretty well behaved for the christening and was so worn out that he slept 7 hours straight that night. And I did a happy dance. Someday I really hope he forgives me for this:
(if I were better at this picture stuff, I'd figure out a way to rotate these photos so they're upright, but I'm tired, so you'll just have to deal with a sideways view)

While we were at the Irish Pub, the Phillies won the division and our guests went nuts. Rolo is already a Phillies fan:

Today Rolo got his first real round of shots. He cried when the injections went in, but recovered quickly and took it like a real man. I was proud of him.

Actually, I'm always proud of him. Two months down and about 214 left to go until college. If he stays as sweet as he is right now, we'll be just fine.

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At 7:02 AM, Blogger Christy said...

He is ridiculously cute. I'm glad the shots went relatively well yesterday


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