Friday, October 05, 2007

The Day the TV Got Turned Off

Wednesday night, I went to an Ann Patchett reading and book signing with my friend Christy. Turns out Ann Patchett is wonderfully entertaining. She and I share something in common and that's that our husbands think we are very unfunny.

So you all know I've been home, not really working since I had Rolo. I was proud of the fact that since the day he was born, I showered, put on makeup and got dressed every day. I leave the house most days. These were all good goals to have for, say, the first couple of weeks. But I haven't really progressed past these goals and this, my friends, is a problem.

After the Ann Patchett reading, it really hit home that I had not been reading. Well, anything other than magazines and they don't really count. I was an English major in college for Christ's sake. And here I am not reading.

Not cooking either. Oh, I make dinner most nights, but I don't research and try new recipes like I used to--and actually I don't even look up old recipes I used to make. I just make 3 or 4 things I have committed to memory. Pretty dull on the ol' taste buds.

Not exercising either. I can't even pretend like I'm exercising. I don't even do my usual stretching or yoga at home. Nothing. Nada. I refuse to join a gym until I can get myself into some sort of routine at home.

So this is the trifecta: reading, cooking and exercising. I need to start doing these things again. These are the new goals. I know it's unrealistic to think I can do each of these things every day. But I can do them all every week. The first step is to turn off the TV. Watching shows on the Food Network, HGTV, and Style have fooled me into thinking I'm not a couch potato. Because I was watching some semi-educational shows, I didn't count as "doing nothing". But TV has turned me into a vegetable and I've never before been a couch potato. So the TV gets turned off. I'm allowing an hour in the mornings of CNN and the Weather Channel and perhaps something in the evenings. But during the day, if I don't have work to do, it's all about reading, or yoga or putting together the recipe binder that I've been putting off for a year.

Time to go read.

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