Friday, February 29, 2008

Seven Months

It's hard to believe that it's already been seven months since Rolo was born. Well, technically it will be seven months tomorrow. Anyway, I'm trying to process that Rolo is now what they refer to as an "older infant". He's closer to being one now, than he is to being just born. Crazy.

I've already mentioned that Rolo's first tooth is coming through. So far, teething hasn't been too bad. He chews up his teething toys but so far he hasn't seemed to be in any real discomfort. Not surprising for this age, everything goes into his mouth. Including his own feet.

He's become much more agile with his hands. He passes objects from one hand to the other to inspect them. He likes trying to undo buttons on your shirt and is occasionally successful. He'll alternate which hand he uses every few seconds very methodically when attacking these buttons. He can put his pacifier back in his mouth by himself. He almost always grabs it by the rubber part that a baby sucks on, but instead of trying to shove the wrong end in his mouth, he passes it to the other hand, so he's holding the handle and then puts the rubber end in his mouth. So, you know, I think he's fairly coordinated. He objects when he take something away from him and he reaches fairly aggressively towards objects he wants.

Rolo can sit up by himself now, although his balance isn't so hot yet. He doesn't understand that if he bops back and forth while sitting, the end result is him flat on his back. Or face, depending. And the reflex to brace oneself against doing a face plant does not yet exist. Is it bad that I laugh when this happens?

Although he's gotten better at being on his tummy, he still hates it. He puts a good amount of weight on his arms and lifts his head up high, but is totally DONE with tummy time after about 5 minutes. He's always, since he was born, had remarkably good head control, but the arms, he'd just rather not be bothered using them for holding that head up, thank you very much. Not when he could be undoing buttons instead. Nor does he get rolling over. He's done it a couple of time, by accident, I think. And selfishly I don't mind that he hasn't really reached this milestone because it means I can leave him on the bed with his toys while I get ready in the morning without him rolling away. He does, however, love to stand. I'm guessing that he might try to walk before he crawls.

We've abandoned the infant car seat and Rolo has a big boy one now. Here's the thing about the car seat. And the bugaboo, as well. The strapping into these devices? Rolo does not so much enjoy being strapped in. He makes noises of protest, something akin to the bleeting he did as a newborn. Same thing when I try to zip him into a snowsuit. But once we get going, either the car or the bugaboo starts moving, he's fine.

Speaking of the bugaboo, shhh...don't tell anyone, but I have a love/hate relationship with it. For Rolo, (other than the being strapped in part), it's the best. It takes on cobblestone streets and uneven pavements with no problem. You can flip it so the larger tires are in the front and like that, it kicks ass in the snow. I love that he can still face me, so we're chatting while strolling along. BUT. It's not a particularly light stroller, which I knew. And it's definitely not a one-handed operation to fold it. In fact, most days I feel like I need a third hand. There are times, particularly when getting in and out of the apartment, when having a stroller that folds more easily would be muy bueno. But it's probably one of the best stroller for him, and also, my husband very well might kill me if I suggested getting another. So I love it. Really.

Back to Rolo, though. He's still getting sick a lot and it's likely that he'll wind up with tubes in his ears. He's eating well, seems to like most things he tries. Except prunes and frankly, who can blame him? His teachers at daycare are starting to "train" him on a sippy cup, something I'm pretty sure is going nowhere fast. Rolo likes to hold his bottles, but only when he (and not you) feels like it. So I'm not sure he's quite ready for sippy cup land, but whatever, let them try.

Speaking of day care, he has lots of "friends" including his baby cousin (a whopping 4 months younger than him) who recently started there. If I put Rolo in a chair next to one of his friends, I've noticed he tries to hug them, or hold their hand, or touch them in some capacity. Only a matter of time before he's sued for sexual harassment, I bet.

Rolo's also starting to blow raspberries, and it's probably only a matter of time before he starts making sounds that involve consonants. I can't wait to see what the next month brings.



At 10:58 AM, Blogger Star said...

Look at those thighs! Just want to bite him!

That is an awesome picture. His hair is adorable and it all comes together looking very old fashioned. LOVE IT!

Great post!

At 12:01 PM, Blogger Christy said...

Look at those legs!!!

I need Rolo time!


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