Thursday, February 28, 2008

Not Better, Now I Know

As I suspected it might, my previous post jinxed things. Rolo partook in a vomiting party last night. I was out with my lovely friend Meg, and didn't know until I got home. I had a twinge of guilt that I was out having fun while my kid was sick, but...well, it wouldn't have made a difference if I was there.

This is frustrating. He's been getting sick about every other day. So this is either the strangest virus I've ever heard of (seriously, what virus is so lazy that it takes every other day off?), or it's an allergy (but again, if it's an allergy to his soy formula, which he has every day, why is he not sick every day?). The other wild card is the medicine he's taking for an earache. Today's the last day of that, so at least we can eliminate one variable after today.

For now, we've switched him to a hypoallergenic formula, Nutramigen, just to see if we can get to consistent days of non-puking. And then maybe we'll reintroduce the soy to see what happens. The hypoallergenic stuff is twice as expensive as the soy, but if that's what he needs, so be it. We've also made an appointment to have him tested for allergies.

Poor kid, he was so hungry last night and miserable. I would be too.

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