Wednesday, January 02, 2008

One of Those Days

So far today the following has happened:
-I've called Rolo's doctor's office and spoke to a bitchy nurse about what appears to be pink eye.
-Realized I couldn't send Rolo to daycare, and also couldn't stay home from work because I'm incredibly short-staffed today.
-Had Rolo urinate all over me while taking his temperature.
-Headed to work with Rolo in tow.
-Realized that was a dumb idea.
-Went to pick up Rolo's eye ointment from the pharmacy, stopped off at home and seriously pissed him off by smearing the stuff all over his eye.
-Tried to head back to the office, but Rolo crapped everywhere.
-Realized I had no wipes in his room.
-Realized he tried to wipe his ass with his hand. Really needed those wipes.
-Screamed a little bit. Me, not him.
-Headed back to the office and realized Rolo had not napped all day. Tried to reconcile monetary transactions while rocking him.

And that's it so far. 2008 is GREAT so far.



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