Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Power Lunch

So despite my earlier claims that the holiday spirit had overtaken me, right now, nothing is further from the truth. Well, I mean, I am glad it's the holiday season, like yay! But I've lost my desire to bake. Part of the reason there is that I've had virtually no time to do it during the week and we've been booked virtually every weekend. I managed to throw together a pathetic tray of like three varieties of cookies for a party this past weekend, but other than that, nothing doing. Plus what little cookie stash I had left over from that baking seems to be mysteriously disappearing. Into my husband's stomach.

Now I've got other parties and events coming up and so I might try to squeeze more baking in this week. I don't know how realistic that is because I'm actually going home each day at lunch time just to find the time to clean the apartment. That's right, I'm so desperate for spare time that I'm going home on my lunch hour this week to mop, vacuum, clean bathrooms, etc. BIG FUN.

I think I need a better organizational system.

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