Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Month Five

Today is not only the first day of 2008, it's also the day Rolo turns five months old. Five months, which is just one month less than six months, which is half a year. Holy cow.

The past month was a pretty big one for little Rolo. He got another round of immunizations. He started sleeping in his crib. And we started him on "solid" foods. So far, just rice cereal and sweet potatoes, but later this week, we're going to try carrots and then peas. Suddenly, feeding Rolo takes three times as long and is three times as messy. He likes his new high chair, but looks super-tiny in it. And super-tiny, he is not. He's 15 and a half pounds and 26 inches long. His cousin, who was born just two weeks before him is 13 and a half pounds and 23 and a half inches long. She's a litte peanut though.

We busted out Rolo's activity saucer this month--he's still a little too small for it technically (the baby's feet are supposed to be able to rest flatly on the bottom according to the instructions and Rolo's tippy toes just touch) and he loves it. He can actually interact with the toys on it and has figured out how several of them work. For Christmas, he got a "sing-along" stage, a LeapFrog musical table and a Kicking Gym. They are all large large items and have totally taken over my living room. I have to be honest, that does not please me in the slightest. However, I do appreciate people's generosity and frankly, Rolo has loved playing with all of them so far. It is fun watching him figure out how things work and how to play with things and for those reasons, I'm tolerating this hostile takeover of my living room.

Rolo still does not enjoy being on his stomach, which is kind of funny because he's very, very close to rolling over while on his back. He's going to be pissed when he does, only to find himself in the position he hates. This has also been the month of sickness. Rolo has now had a hacking cough, various fevers and a snotty nose for the entire month of Decemeber. The drawbacks to daycare.

In a little while we're going to bundle Rolo up and take him down to his first Mummer's Parade for a little bit before heading to Ron's parents' house for a roast pork dinner. Apparently, roast pork on New Year's Day is good luck. Happy New Year!



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