Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Several times each day, when I put Rolo over my shoulder to burp, he rests his sleepy little head on my shoulder. As the minutes pass, he slides down a bit, using me as a human pillow, with his head tucked under my chin, his face pressed into my neck.

I always sit with him like that for awhile and it does not cease to amaze me how content I am in those moments. Motherhood is a collection of extremes: exhaustion and excitment, frustration and happiness, fulfillment and regret. Those moments with him tucked there beneath my chin are so pure in their sweetness that even I cannot find one sarcastic thing to say about them. Instead find myself thinking that if those moments cannot go on forever, as surely they cannot, that they will occupy a section of my heart for the rest of my days.



At 6:10 AM, Blogger Star said...

So sweet. That is a great picture and though your eyes are closed you can see all that love.


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