Friday, February 16, 2007

Mission Organization

Ron's on-call tonight so I have big plans while I have the apartment to myself: organization. We have paperwork everywhere and it's driving me nuts. So I'm going to do some laundry, make some dinner, clean the bathroom and kitchen and most importantly, I'm going to purge old paperwork and organize what we still need to keep. Because it's out of control right now.

Other than a party tomorrow night, I have no concrete plans. I will be drinking many, many liquids to make sure I'm not even remotely dehydrated on Monday. Monday I'm scheduled for an amnio. And despite what the wikipedia info says, I've still been told by my doctors and counselors that the risk of miscarriage is actually 1 in 200, not 1 in 1,600. So the better hydrated I am, the more amniotic fluid there may be, the better. My husband is leaving work early, an unprecedented move, to come the appointment with me, get me home, etc. Until then, I guess I'll try not to think about it.


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