Wednesday, February 14, 2007


So I think I've mentioned before that my husband? Not so much with the romance. And the man has some serious hatred for Valentine's Day. So this day is usually much like every other day. I'm not so much into the holiday either, although I will admit that I've dropped hints over the years that flowers sent to my workplace would be a nice idea. But I've accepted that if I held my breath waiting for that to happen, I wouldn't live to see another day.

We'll usually go out for the ol' V-Day, but not on the actual day. Our initial plan was to go to dinner the Saturday before or after, but somehow, both those days got filled up with other plans. Because it was miserable weather last night, we decided to The Bards for soup and some sandwiches. They have crocks of French onion soup, which is my favorite. We pretty much agreed that that would count as our night out for Valentine's Day.

So this morning I was surprised to find a big heart-shaped box of chocolates in the fridge with a note that read: "Someone loves you more than he hates Valentine's Day". It's a box of the Russel Stover kind, which I find totally endearing. Some might argue that chocolates from one of the one million specialty shops around here might be more appropriate, but honestly, there's something cute about getting the old standby from your local drugstore. That, and I'll take what I can get.

It's still miserable here, icy rain and sleet. Sleet and freezing rain hurts by the way when it hits your face. The plan is to stay in tonight. I'm making a good old-fashioned Italian dinner and we have hot chocolate for dessert. It's the perfect night to stay in anyway.


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