Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Back to the Drawing Board

So remember back when I was trying to determine what dress to wear for my friend Deidre's wedding? I had tried the Sophia and the Sadie and then settled on the Sadie. Unfortunately, I settled on the Sadie right around the same time I learned I was pregnant. I love the dress, but it's a dropped waist with a corset inside, so...yeah, that's probably not going to work. At least not in the size I ordered. The wedding is still a month away and while I'm still wearing normal clothes, I think a dress with a corset might be pushing it at bit. Now I can try ordering it in the next size up. Because I do love the dress. But I can also order some alternatives--although to be honest, I have NO IDEA what size to order anymore. I hate that J.Crew doesn't carry these in their stores.

So I think I'm going to order the Lyndsey, which is still fitted at the waist, but has no corset that I'm aware of. Plus that big ass ribbon could be excellent camoflauge. There's a new dress too, Caroline, that normally I wouldn't dream of wearing but it's kind of growing on me. I might order it just to see if my boobs can even fit it it.

It's completely plausible that I might have 3 dresses the morning of the wedding and make a game day decision.


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