Thursday, February 15, 2007


So my husband is pretty sneaky. Like in 2005, he surprised me by flying me down to Key West for a vacation as a 30th birthday present. After we were there for a day or so, he asked me to marry him. Double surprise.

So I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was, when he handed me a small, wrapped box last night. Pearl earrings. I love pearls, but I've never had real pearl earrings. He was quick to point out that this was very a combination of a Valentine's gift AND an anniversary gift. More so the anniversary part, which is next month. Ron was afraid if he saved the earrings for our anniversary entirely, someone might slip about them. We're friendly with our jeweler and know everyone who works in the store. And we're going there this weekend to pick up my engagement ring, which I was having some adjusted, and Ron thought someone would inevitably say, "Hey, how'd you'd like the earrings?" assuming that I had gotten them for Valentine's Day.

So maybe it was really an anniversary gift, but I love them. I can wear them every day and finally retire my faux ones. Eventually I want to get ones that have small diamonds in addition to the pearls, just to be a little dressier.

Ron and I usually do no presents for V-day, but I always wind up getting him something small. Know what I got him? A t-shirt. Guess I need to start thinking about an anniversary gift now, huh?


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