Monday, February 12, 2007

The Weekend and Melting Pot

So it turns out that I like massages. I had my first one ever on Saturday. Kimberly and I had made appointments to have prenatal massages at a salon not far from her house. As I sort of suspected, Kim chickened out at the last might and switched her appointment to some sort of fancy pedicure. But she didn't switch mine. Or tell me that she was canceling her massage until it was too late to cancel mine. So I went for a massage and she went for the pedicure.

It was really relaxing. The massage therapist was great and it wasn't as uncomfortable as I expected. You know, because believe it or not, I've never really been naked between the sheets with a stranger in the room before and I'm kind of a prude. But I felt a lot less exposed that I would have thought. The massage actually got rid of a headache I'd had. Of course, it came back the next day so it was a short-term fix. And while I loved it while I was getting it, I can't say that in the next day or so I felt any more relaxed than I had before the massage.

Anyway, so my fear of massages is over, I suppose, so if anyone is up for a little pampering at a day spa anytime soon, let me know. I also kind of want to try a facial one day.

Otherwise the weekend was all about eating. I was only at Kim's for about 24 hours and we managed to hit 3 different eating establishments in that time. For years, Kimberly and I have been indulging in "all appetizer" dinners. We meet up, get drinks and order 3 (or 4!) appetizers. Not healthy by any stretch of the imagination, but a dinner that consists of nachos, onion blossoms, and mozzerella sticks is surprisingly filling. Especially with margaritas or a pitcher of beer.

But you know, our days of doing stuff like this is coming to an end. We're both pregnant and going to each other's places, staying over and traveling sans child will be harder to do. It's kind of sad. Oh we'll still get together. But getting together for playdates is a decidedly different get together than what we're used to.

I also realized I never gave a real report on my experience at Melting Pot. It was awesomely good. We got the quattro formaggio cheese fondue and salads. Then each couple got an entree for two. Ron and I selected one that included shrimp, salmon, chicken, beef filet and sesame beef tenderloin. The best of both worlds because I got meat and Ron had the seafood. Last but not least, we got the"original" chocolate dessert which was chocolate and peanut butter fondue with lots of fruits, marshmallows and cakes to dip. Honestly? Everything we had was fabulous but I would probably skip the entree and just have the cheese and the dessert. Maybe have the salad too. I can't wait to go back and try the other dessert options--there were so many and they all looked so YUM!


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