Monday, September 15, 2008

Throw Down

So day care was up my ass today, calling both Ron and I regularly to let us know that Rolo looked "blotchy", "red" and was "irritable". I was pretty confident, based on their description that it wasn't his allergies--not his food allergies anyway. Frankly, I chalked it up to his overly sensitive skin. He breaks out into rashes on a semi-regular basis and they go away in 24 hours. I was tempted to go check on him at lunchtime, but honestly, he's got that separation anxiety thing going on and if he saw me, he'd freak out that I was leaving again.

So today after work, I picked him up and noticed they had changed him out of the clothes he wore in--not necessarily unusual, as feeding times are messy and Rolo has a habit of taking his bowl of watermelon and dumping the juice all over himself. But when I pulled the clothes he wore into daycare out of the little baggie they send them home in, I didn't find a poopy mess or food stains. Instead I noticed the entire back of his shirt was stained with bleach. Shirt smelled like bleach too. Bleach.

I don't use bleach.

The bleach stains go through the material entirely and the pattern of the bleach along the back makes me suspect that he sat against something that was wiped down with a bleach solution. I know that they need to kill germs and I don't necessarily fault the day care for cleaning with bleach (assuming this is how this happened). But. BUT.

It didn't freaking occur to these morons that perhaps, just maybe, Rolo's skin was irritated because he sat in bleach? I mean I spoke to them twice today, Ron spoke to them at least one time and not ONCE did they mention the bleach. I don't give a shit that the shirt is ruined, but I am pissed that they didn't mention it or leave a note for me when I picked him up. And while they do need to clean, should they be using a solution strong enough that it stains clothing?

Make room in the principal's office because DJ Heavy is paying visit.

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At 9:51 AM, Blogger irishdo said...

uh oh. How did it go?


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