Monday, September 08, 2008

This and That

Lots of interesting stuff up in here. Well, maybe not so interesting to you, but to me.

First, a new bed. Finally after years of cohabitation, we finally have a king sized bed. It was a little touch and go because I didn't sleep well on it for the first two night and Ron, who slept like a baby for the first time in years, started weeping at the thought of returning the bed. Lucky for him, the last two nights, I slept with no problem. So the bed stays.

We're supposedly going on vacation later this week for a few days. We still do not have a destination. We're crazy, last-minute people like that! Hell, I don't even care where we go as long as it's not my office. Today, I'm thinking Virginia Beach.

Lastly, Rolo is all over the place and started walking. And by walking I mean on three different occasions he's taken 3 steps by himself and then fallen down. But it's progress! He also says "Dat!" while pointing at things (usually food) that he'd like to have. And finally, after months of trying the sign language thing, he makes the sign for "done". Which is the same universal sign for "all done", the one babies usually make. And he doesn't do the sign with actual meaning. If I ask "are you all done", he signs "done", but that doesn't mean he's actually done. He just thinks it's the only answer to the question.

My friend, Meg, who I've blogged about here, is leaving. She lives 4 blocks away from me, which is super convenient, but now she's following her dream job and moving to Jersey City. I'm happy for her; sad for me. No more last-minute happy hours.

Lastly, I need a good shopping excursion. New shoes are needed.

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