Monday, August 25, 2008


Me: So, I finally decided that I needed to track down all my pairs of gray sweatsocks that have gone missing. You know how I complain that I keep having fewer and fewer pairs? Well, I was finally down to almost none and thought "This is ridiculous, these socks can't all be eaten by the dryer."

Ron: And did you find them?

Me: I did. I did find them. Do you know where I found them?

Ron: Where?

Me: IN YOUR SOCK DRAWER! You have been ABSCONDING with my favorite socks! You're a thief.

Ron: We don't share a sock drawer?

Me: What?! You think we share a sock drawer?

Ron: I do. I did. I've always put your socks in there when I put away laundry. Since when do we not share a sock drawer?

Me: Since NEVER! What would make you think we shared a sock drawer?

Ron: I thought you told me we did.

Me: Didn't you think it was strange that there were never any of my socks in there?

Ron: Well. The gray socks were in there.

Me: Come over here so I can punch you in the face.



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