Monday, April 28, 2008


Thank you to those who donated to the March of Dimes walk. The rain held out, and although it's heavily debated whether the walk was, in fact, five miles, we all felt like we got a work out. Among the team walkers were my best friend and Ron's best friend and I think that speaks to the kind of people we are lucky to have around us.

Going back to June 2006....they didn't have a private room for us, so when Matthew was taken off life support, the nurses closed the curtains around his crib for privacy and clipped a picture of a white flower on a black background to the curtains so we wouldn't be disturbed. Or rather, so those who were entering the area would know and would employ Sensitivity and Compassion.

One of his doctors, the one I regularly mocked because he used long pauses when he spoke and it drove me crazy and also, I mocked him because we needed something to laugh at, he came into our area that morning and he said to my sister-in-law, slowly, "It was a privilege taking care of Matthew." And I loved him in that moment because you could tell he did think it was a privilege and that sounded so much more sincere than the usual "I'm sorry for your loss."

It was a privilege walking on Saturday.

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