Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Banana Nazi

Today, Rolo and I are enjoying a nice, quiet day home by ourselves. While he naps, I've been attacking the cave that was once our bedroom. Somehow over the winter that room managed to collect every piece of junk we didn't know what to do with and today, it's all about purging and spring cleaning.

Rolo has also developed an aversion to most vegetables. I think partially this is because he's bored with his food and partially because he's realizing he has the option to refuse something he doesn't like. At any rate, after a battle involving mixed vegetables (in which I was victorious, I might add), I decided to feed Rolo little pieces of a banana I was eating. I had tried this weeks ago and he was all like, BLECK, what the hell is this? Even though he loves baby food bananas. I attributed this refusal of a food that he otherwise loves to the lumpier texture.

Today, though, whole different story. Even though he had already had a carton of mixed veggies and part of a container of green beans, which should have filled him entirely, he couldn't get enough of the banana pieces. I was trying to break off tiny pieces and mush them a bit before giving them to him and this took several seconds. Which, from the sounds of protest coming from Rolo's mouth, was entirely too long.

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