Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring, Glorious Spring

This past weekend, we spent a good deal of time outside, specifically mealtimes. On Friday, since the weather was nice, we wanted to eat outside at one of our old haunts in Rittenhouse. When we got to Chaucer's, all the outside tables were taken and Rolo was showing an increasing demand for food, so we walked on to the Ten Stone. Unfortunately, the outdoor tables there were also occupied and while I would have been happy to wait for one, there was no where to easily wait for one with a stroller. And Rolo was about to have a meltdown if we didn't feed him.

So we took a table inside, but because all the windows were open (sans screens), you almost felt like you were outside. We quickly fed Rolo, ordered Coronas, and appetizers. They had updated their menu since we'd last been there and we decided to try the three cheese risotto fritters. They looked a lot like mozzarella sticks, but so much better. Probably not the best choice on a hot day, but they are seriously scrumptious. For dinner, Ron got the chicken brie melt and I decided on the tuna melt which was a special. Ron really liked his sandwich, and there was BACON on the tuna melt and we are firm believers that bacon makes everything better. About halfway through my melt, Ron pointed out that it was tuna steak, not tuna salad I was eating (tuna salad being one of the only "seafoods" I eat). Whatever, it was good.

The service at Ten Stone is always alittle spotty, but it's a good place for a beer and some pub style food (but like good, high class pub food--they have duck sandwiches for Christ's sake). Rolo was perfectly content to sit in his stroller and watch all the action.

On Saturday, my brother and his fiancee came to visit and after strolling around the city we wound up at an outside table at Continental. My brother and his lady got some espresso martinis and honestly such a concoction would not have occurred to me at 4pm, while sitting outside in the sun. But they loved them, and I loved my pomegranate margarita. The food at Continental is always pretty good. My favorites are the BBQ chicken quesadillas and the Szechuan shoestring fries. Ron had Thai chicken skewers with a peanut sauce that he really enjoyed.

We fed him while we were there, but again, Rolo was perfectly content to sit outside in his stroller while we ate (I must capitalize on this while it lasts). In fact, since it was so warm, I didn't have socks or shoes on Rolo, who spent some of the meal loudly sucking on his toes. Try not laughing at that. The people at the table next to us were.

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At 11:53 AM, Blogger Christy said...

We definitely need to sit out soon then. Perhaps Tria one night soon? This week is out and we're away all weekend.

But soon, okay!

At 1:23 PM, Blogger Star said...

This bodes well for El Vez next week!!! Woohoo!


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