Monday, March 10, 2008

The Downfall of Having a Video Monitor

Since I posted last week, in a move that I can characterize only as being ironic, Rolo has decided that he will only sleep on his stomach. Each night since Thursday, he has at some point rolled over onto his belly and gone back to sleep. OF COURSE, he would choose to do tummy time during the only part of the day we don't want him to--just like his father, that one.

Now, they say once a baby can roll over, the chance of SIDS is dramatically reduced. But since they don't know exactly why SIDS occurs and since the "back to sleep" campaign is rammed down your throat from the moment you conceive, I'm a little wary of Rolo sleeping on his belly, particularly because he can't roll from his tummy back to his back. Of course, there's not much (or anything really) I can do about this sudden sleeping preference.

Overall, I love, love, love having a video monitor. It's a nice reassurance being able to see what he's up to without going into his room (I wonder if I can plant one of these in his room when he's a teenager?). But like last night? We looked over and realized Rolo was face down on his mattress. Like actually sleeping face down on top of his binky--binky still in his mouth. Of course, then, we panicked and Ron ran downstairs to make sure he was breathing. Dude, if you're going to insist on sleeping on your belly, you've got to at least turn your head to one side. Did you not get the memo that we are first time parents and will panic at the slightest provocation? Had it not been for the video monitor, we would have been blissfully unaware that he was face first in the crib. We spent the next hour looking over at the monitor--is he still breathing? Is his head turned to the side enough? What about now? Is he breathing now?

So Rolo may be sleeping just fine, but me? Not so much.

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