Friday, June 29, 2007


Last night, Meg (for the love of the internet, Meg, update your blog!) and I met up at Amada for dinner. Two words for you: super yum! Honestly, I thought the meal was just perfect. I'm usually not one to be particularly adventurous with food, but with Meg as a guide, we sailed through picking out 6 tapas. Meg and I wanted to order the hazelnut spread that came with one of the cheeses and bathe in it. And the beef shortribs on flatbread was to die for--as were the spicy potatoes. I don't have a particularly refined palate per se, but everything was just so delicious.

I loved that the tapas came out at all different times. It gave you a chance really savor each one and not feel gluttonous for having a ton of plates on the table at the same time. I'd definitely go back!



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