Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pink Elephants

So my girlfriends, Hope and Kim, got me this diaper bag, in the pink elephant pattern. I love it. Yesterday, I was strolling by Robinson Luggage, which carries Vera Bradley and decided to pop in on a whim. I knew that a couple of style handbags were on sale, including this one, which I really like. They had one left in the pink elephant pattern and so I got it. Now I have a matching purse and diaper bag. I can't decide if that's a good thing or if it's over the top (given we are talking about pink elephants here). But I do know that it's next to impossible to carry two Vera bags of different patterns simultaneously, because most of those patterns are way too busy to go together. So at least now if I want to carry the diaper bag and a purse, I can match.

Pink elephants make me happy.

To my last point, I think Vera should start making coordinating, but not necessarily matching patterns. She does some non-patterned microfiber bags, but they're just too blah. I often carry a large tote bag to work, but I like putting a smaller purse inside it. So, take the pink elephants pattern for example. She could make purses that are mostly plain pink, the same pink as the elephants, and then maybe just have a black accent stripe on them with the elephants. That way you could coordinate without looking too matchy-matchy....or for that matter like a floral arrangement exploded all over you.

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