Thursday, June 28, 2007

I Really Do Need New Dishtowels

I really want to order these, in like every color they come in. However, looking at them all in my online shopping cart, I've somehow accumulated a $50 bill. Which seems silly for dishtowels. Particularly when I am reminded that I like to buy all-new EVERYTHING when moving into a new place. Today it's the dishtowels. But tomorrow it will be lampshades. Next week it will be shower curtains, bathmats and a closet organizer.



At 3:07 PM, Blogger Star said...

You are on an orange kick, eh? Maybe this is the baby's influence. Maybe the baby, like Christy, loves all that is orange and will wear orange wind pants.

Love those adorable towles. Don't you have oranges and lemons on your kitchen curtains? I think you do. Obviously your love of all things citrus is here to stay! You should get at least 2 of them, and maybe some solids that are cheaper and match. You know, like your Vera Bradley bag theory. By the way I hate you for buyingthe last pink elephant bag!


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