Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Year Early

This past Saturday, I decided to surprise Ron with a little pre-Father's Day present. Get it? The day before Father's Day, since he's not actually a dad yet?

Anyway, he'd been eyeing up this bag to use as a diaper bag. I like the "Life is Good" stuff and I know they're artsy and all, but I've never been to a website where there drawings of merchandise instead of photos. But that's besides the point. My husband had decided that none of the 42 man-bags he already owns would be suitable for a diaper bag, so that's when he fixated on this one. It's a huge bag--we had seen it in person down in Miami a couple of months ago--and personally I think it makes him look like a little kid. But he fell in love with it and knowing he would never buy it for himself, I went ahead and ordered it for pre-Father's Day.

Come to think of it now, it's strange that he has a gzillion man-bags already, because honestly, the man never buys anything for himself. Where on earth do these bags come from?

Anyway, he was very surprised by his pre-Father's Day gift and promptly proceeded to wear the bag all weekend long. I've also ordered this, so he understands this really is supposed to be used as a diaper bag.

I have to say, despite the many times I want to hit him over the head with a vacuum, I think Ron's going to make a great dad and I'm thankful every day that I married him.



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