Friday, June 22, 2007


I enjoy looking good. By no means am I a supermodel, but I do try to create the illusion of looking put together. I wear an appropriate amount of make-up every day. I have a skin care regiment. I dress up for work every day. On days I'm not at work, I still take care to look presentable. I wear jewerly. My nails are always painted. I swap purses to match my outfits. That kind of stuff.

I have a feeling that when this kid comes, some of this may come to a screeching halt. Damn kid.

Lots of women lament that once they had a baby they gave up on make-up and would go for days without showering. I do not understand this. But given that so many women report this sort of behavior, I have to believe that I am just grossly underestimating how difficult having a new baby will be. But I really am going to try to, you know, at least bathe every day. I'm really going to try for the make-up too, because no one really needs to see me without eyeliner on, trust me. I am vain and so much of my self-esteem is wrapped up in looking nice that if I just let myself go to hell post-baby, I see myself not being very happy. And my theory is "happy mommy=happy baby". See? My self-absorption knows no bounds.

I'd better go stock up on my Clinque products now, while I can still justify spending money on make-up instead of a freaking Baby Einstein play center.


At 9:09 AM, Blogger Star said...

Yes, babies are hard. Yes, babies take a lot of work. But the horror stories of no bathing or personal care are extremes. I am confident that you will be a hot urban mom wheeling that cutie around in the city. WORK IT! And even if it is hell, we are close enough to rescue you for a shower and a margarita or two or three or well you get my drift!


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