Monday, June 18, 2007

Gender Stereotyping Begins Already

So we're trying to decide what outfit the baby will wear home (like that's of paramount importance, right?) . Do we just get a blue outfit and a pink outfit and return whichever we don't need? Which means Ron would actually have to wash whichever outfit we needed between the time the baby was born and the time we were released from the hospital. Which means, you know, he would need to OPERATE A WASHING MACHINE. Unheard of, I know.
Or, do we just get a gender neutral outfit?

In the gender neutral category (at least in my book) are these onesies that I think are adorable. And they have matching socks. I really like the "Orange You Cute" one. The problem? Ron thinks it's too girly.

What? It's a WHITE onesie with ORANGE trim. How, I ask, is that too girly? The watermelon one with pink trim--sure, maybe that's not quite what I had in mind for a boy, but orange? C'mon.

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At 4:51 AM, Blogger Star said...

I have always said that if we ever did the kid thing it we would be all about primary colors and an effort not to force the pink and blue thing.

Orange is not girlie, I mean if it is orange bows then yes, but orange trim...come on. Ron should go shopping for the baby and see just what they are making for boys, there is not nearly as much choice as there is for girls.

The whole bringing the baby home thing is huge in Christy's family (shocking right?)

I say go gender neutral, it is easier and can still be cute. Gap makes cute stuff with monkeys or teddy bears that a girl or boy could wear if you are going for something more casual.

Of course, I would be willing to buy the baby a Hillary '08 onesie from Open House, if you want. HA! I love those political onesies. Perhaps more appropriate for the Christening?

At 8:47 AM, Blogger DJ Heavy D said...

Yeah, apparently if I have a son, he can only wear blue onesies with dump trucks on them. We have to be THAT obvious about it ;) Don't worry, Ron doesn't shop, so I'll make sure this kid is well-dressed.

You're a funny lady, by the way. A Hillary '08 onesie. Ha! Seriously, I can't stop laughing.


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