Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Change is In the Air

So a couple of things I'm pretty excited about. We found an apartment. If all goes well this week, it'll be ours and we'll be moving back to the east side of the city. There are a couple of drawbacks to the place (aren't there always?), like it's not the exact neighborhood I would have liked, it's kind of far from a gym (although admittedly, I'm spoiled now, living less than a block from my gym), and we can't move in until the first week in July. That's just 4 weeks before my due date, which gives me less time than that to get the place totally set up. Because I need order in my home before I add the total chaos of having a kid. But it does have most of the things we wanted, including decent square footage, two bedrooms, the "look" of a nice place, a parking spot right outside, a small deck and the luxury of all luxuries: two bathrooms. It also costs more than my morgage would have.

We also found a day care we really like. It's about 5 blocks from the apartment, another reason the apartment was a "go". So you know, aside from going totally broke, things are really coming together.

Until I have to start packing and totally freak out.



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