Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Victor Cafe

I totally forgot to mention that my first wedding anniversary was last month. Aren't you thrilled?

We were at my maid-of-honor's wedding the day before our anniversary and after the wedding, we all hung out at the hotel bar--including the new bride and groom. Ron and I found ourselves at a table with several friends and as the night wore on, it was just the two of us, along with Ron's best friend and the bride and groom. At midnight, Ron arranged a little champagne toast for us, when he realized that not only was it officially our anniversary, but that we were also at the table with our maid-of-honor (the bride) and our best man, (Ron's best friend who happened to also attend this wedding). It was sweet. And even though I don't like champagne, I'm willing to take whatever alcohol I can get these days.

The next night, Ron and I went to dinner at The Victor Cafe, a restaurant I highly recommend. Ron had never been there before, but I had with an ex a couple of times. In fact, we almost didn't make reservations there because I was a little weirded out by going out for my wedding anniversary to a place I had been to with an ex-boyfriend. Then I remembered I wasn't in high school anymore.

The food is amazing and about every 30 minutes or so, a member of the waitstaff sings an opera selection. It's wonderful. Very romantic, but it's also good for a group. I can't wait to go back.



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