Friday, April 06, 2007

A Home of My Own

I know, I know, I've been neglecting you, not posting very often. The truth is, I've been busy. Busy at work, but also busy filling all my non-work hours with trying to find a day care, and to a greater extent, a place to live. Having a place to live is very important. And finding the right place is exhausting. I search papers and websites daily. I walk neighborhoods on my lunch hour and after work. I email and call places. Rarely, only twice so far, it's resulted in an actual visit to a property. I've got two more scheduled today.

It's not that there's a lack of options. Just that I'm picky, and my husband is picky and we're picky about different things. And I'm going to be selecting this apartment by myself, which is stressful, because with selecting the apartment comes the knowledge that I may have to hear my husband bitch about it for the next two years. Such is the burden of a physican's widow.

We need and/or want a lot of things. Two bedrooms. At least 1000 square feet, larger if possible. Washer and dryer on premises, but in the unit would be better. In Old City, Society Hill, Wash West or Bella Vista neighborhoods. Close to parking. Preferably, the unit wouldn't be on the 1st floor (or at least not directly at street level), but nor would it involve a tremendous amount of stairs. We'd love hardwood floors. Ron wants something with a lot of light. I would like enough room to fit a full sized dining room table. Ron wants enough room for an office (well, at least room for a desk that doesn't have to be right next to the TV). I want something that from the outside "looks the part". And by that I mean that it can be the nicest apartment in the world inside, but if it looks ghetto from the outside, it's a no-go. Oh yeah, and we'd like not to spend a million dollars. Impossible, right?

In other truly fantastic news, my friend Kimberly had a baby girl this week, just 4 days after her baby shower and a full month before her due date. Everyone is doing fine, and I can't wait to meet baby Sophia Grace.


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