Wednesday, March 07, 2007

House Hunting

Well, okay, apartment hunting really. We need to move. The latest I'd like to move is June, but May would be even better. So I'm looking. I really think every landlord should advertise online and should include full descriptions and photos. I hate ads like this: "Great 2 bedroom apartment in Rittenhouse area. Call for details." Just pay the extra $5 to tell me the cross streets, approximate square footage and utilities. Have I mentioned that I'm lazy?

Anyway, I don't enjoy apartment hunting. I've been in my current place for 4 years and I swear it seems like just yesterday that I looked at that apartment for the first time. Even better is that this time around, I'll have to select an apartment entirely on my own, because Ron is never around during the hours that apartments are generally shown. Which could streamline the process because 1) I pick great apartments and 2) each time Ron and I look at the same thing, we have wildly different impressions of it. I know this from just about everything we've ever looked at but especially from house-hunting over the summer. So the two of us mutually deciding on an apartment could take forever. The downside is that even if I find a great apartment, one that I love, I'm taking a huge gamble if Ron doesn't see it ahead of time because we'll be there for 2 years. And two years is a long time to listen to him bitch. And bitch, he does.

So this post has been one big whine-fest but you know? That's just my mood today. I'm going to see an apartment in a little bit. Let the games begin.



At 8:54 AM, Blogger Christy said...

I hear the Cosmo comes with free babysitting.

Just sayin'.


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