Thursday, May 01, 2008

Uno de Mayo!

I totally stole this title from an email my friend Christy sent me. Tonight, my lady friends and I are heading to El Vez to have some margaritas, guacamole and Dine Out for Life. Also, I'm considering it the official kick off to the Summer Cocktail Series, or SCS. Which is good. Being social is good. I feel like I was in hibernation all winter.

Anyway, in addition to Christy and Michelle, Meg will also be there and I'm mentioning this only to link to her blog, something I didn't even ask if I could do, so it's possible she will be very angry with me. It's peer pressure to try to get her to post. If she continues to post regularly throught this month, I plan on taking her out for a night of heavy drinking as a reward.

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