Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Throwing In the Towel

I think I mentioned this before, but for the last few weeks, Rolo has been on a veggie strike. Or so I thought. Some days he's slightly more tolerant, refusing them for a couple of minutes before surrendering. Other days, however, he just cries inconsolably, completely refusing each offering I give him. Green beans? Carrots? Mixed garden vegetables? Some days I wind up with three opened but uneaten containers that will eventually just be thrown in the trash. On those days I surrender and open some pears and all is right in the world again. Sweet potatoes are usually the only vegetable he'll eat without a problem.

Thinking this was perhaps a boredom thing, or a texture thing, I tried cooking vegetables for Rolo; steaming carrots and peas, baking sweet potatoes. All these efforts were met with severe resistence and wound up also in the trash (doubly frustrated that he refused a real, albeit mashed, sweet potato since he will actually eat that from a jar).

He can't exist entirely on fruit--we haven't introduced meat yet. I began to worry, but not too much, because he has a veggie at lunch every day at daycare, assuming the teachers are correctly documenting that he's eating. His teacher mentioned a week or two ago that Rolo was giving her a hard time at meals, crying, etc, which is what he was doing for me. So I asked her today and she said that just lasted a couple of days and that he's been eating his vegetables just fine for her.

Oh, well excuse me, Mr. Rolo. Does something about the way I serve them offend you? Have you not appreciated my homemade offerings? Would you like Miss Adrienne to move into our house and serve you all your meals?

Yeah, so apparently, it's just me, because I found out that he ate veggies okay for my mother in law recently too. So I'm giving up for now. I'm tired of fighting with him about it (and it is a fight, complete with screaming and food flinging). It'll be fruit for dinner for the foreseeable future. In a couple of years, I'll be the parent I swore I'd never be, serving my kid a diet exclusively of chicken nuggets and pop tarts because "that's all he'll eat."

We'll see if I can persuade him to eat some carrots, or green beans or whatever at lunch on Saturday and Sunday. If not, it'll be a mostly fruit weekend. I say "mostly" because we're introducing meat this weekend--chicken and sweet potato in a jar (bleck)!

In other news, he hasn't randomly vomited in well over a week, so I am thankful for that.

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