Friday, May 09, 2008

Fresh Produce

Well I missed the opening last weekend, but I'm hoping to quickly drop into the Headhouse Square Farmer's Market on Sunday after Mass. Just for a couple of things for the kid and I the few days we'll be around this week.

Have I told you the kid loves grapes? And pears? And mango? Can't get enough mango.

On Saturday, we're going to my brother's bridal shower (hee, hee, I love saying that. It's really a Jack-and-Jill wedding shower). What's that? Have I not mentioned that I have a brother and that he's getting married? Well I do and he is. Before that I'm getting a manicure and maybe if there's time, which is doubtful, because even getting the manicure is doubtful, I may try to pop by the Rittenhouse Farmer's Market.

Although since I really don't need much for this upcoming week, it can likely wait until Memorial Day weekend. But I'm so excited that the markets are opening. No more produce from SuperFresh! There's something about an outdoor market that's appealing to me.



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